15 Incredible Things I’ve Experienced with Erotic Hypnosis

My experience with hypnosis actually started almost a decade ago, with the partner who gave me my first mental orgasm. It opened a new world to me, but one I left mostly unexplored over the years. I loved it–don’t get me wrong–but that partner had very limited availability and hypnosis didn’t take priority in our play at the time. That all changed at the beginning of this year.

In early January, I found myself with a lovely new long-distance play partner who was interested in the idea of hypnosis. We were able to attend an online hypnosis conference together back in March and our play has completely evolved as a result of it.

Hypnosis has become one of my biggest kinks, and it fills me with a special kind of satisfaction when I trance for my partner and achieve some pretty incredible things. That’s the thing about hypnosis–it has the ability to take your play to a whole new level. Hypnosis can involve fantasy scenarios or sensations that wouldn’t otherwise be possible to experience. It can heighten your senses or create entirely new ones. There really is no limit to what you can do with it! While I’m definitely still learning, I’ve done some pretty fun stuff along the way. Here are 15 incredible things I’ve experienced with erotic hypnosis.

1. Impact play

My first post-hypnotic trigger (a suggestion made while someone is tranced that elicits a reaction once they’re out of trance) was for impact play. My partner wanted to use some sort of auditory trigger to make me feel as if I was being hit with a paddle. He did a formal induction–a method of getting someone into trance–and then made the suggestion that the sound of a loud, hard snap of his fingers would feel as if he were spanking me. He reinforced the suggestion in the scene, then over the span of several months. It’s something that has stuck with me for almost 9 years now. This trigger worked so well that I’ve been able to share it with other partners and have them use it against me as easily as the partner who implanted it.

2. Mental orgasms

My first mental orgasm is what kicked off my initial interest in hypnosis. The partner who got me in that headspace really blew me away with how well they were able to read me. Since a lot of hypnosis has to do with reading body language and subtle changes in expression, it’s no wonder my play partner knew how to pick up on my signals, but at the time I didn’t understand the process. All I knew is that my date was able to exploit my natural signs of arousal to turn me on so much that I actually had an orgasm while fully clothed in his passenger seat on the drive home from our first date.

3. Sexually-interactive video games

My current hypnosis partner and I play video games a lot. In fact, I find that gaming together is a fun way to sneak in some teasing and hypnotic play without the pressure of planning a full scene with a formal induction.

My partner even assigned a different hypnotic effect for each of the Rift Guardians in Diablo 3.

My partner has incorporated hypnosis in several of the games we play. From making specific in-game sounds trance me to teasing me hypnotically during a boss fight, it’s always a blast. The amount of times he’s made me orgasm from playing Minecraft or Stardew Valley is frankly embarrassing–but then again, that just makes it hotter.

4. Mental bondage

As experienced as I am in kink, bondage was never really a focus for me. My partner, however, is quite into it. We decided to combine his love for bondage with my love for hypnosis to make it super enjoyable for us both. Hypnosis allows us to play with bondage in a unique way that doesn’t actually use physical restraints at all. Instead of using rope or cuffs, he uses a post-hypnotic trigger. When a trigger word is spoken aloud, he’s able to freeze me in any helpless position I find myself in. He also uses the power of hypnotic suggestion while I’m in trance to move my body into any position he wants during a scene. It’s very useful when you’re playing with someone who is 3,000 miles away.

5. Hypnotic fucking

A very useful tool that my partner likes to mess around with is a trigger that makes me feel as if I’m being fucked. We have one for each hole, which is fun to use in combination with each other or with sex toys. My partner has put a lot of work into these triggers and they’re some of the strongest ones I’ve experienced so far. Being able to tease someone via text is great, but think of how much fun you could have if you could make them feel as if they’re getting fucked from typing a single word. Verbalizing this trigger gives it more power, but having it work from text alone was quite the achievement for us both, and we regularly utilize it in our play.

6. Interactive porn

I’m not one to watch porn often because I have some personal issues with porn. However, I do run a sex blog on Tumblr, so I see my fair share. Once I shared a particularly hot GIF I came across with my partner and he took it upon himself to trance me and make me feel as if I was feeling each thrust in the GIF. It played on a loop and I continuously dropped and got more and more aroused as he led me through the sensations of feeling what was happening in the GIF. It felt like a new take on VR porn that felt as realistic as it looked.

7. Temporary restriction of basic information

It’s really astonishing how suggestible the human brain is. You can use hypnosis to suggest that your partner feels a certain way or wants a certain thing but you can also mess with their fundamental math skills, which is a different kind of sadism. 

A play partner once made me forget the number 7. It wasn’t even that I couldn’t think of the word for “seven,” it’s as if that information was deleted entirely in my brain for the duration of our scene. He had me count my fingers and found it hilarious when I kept coming up with 11 each time. Elementary math problems were suddenly grounds for humiliation play, but it was all in good fun.

8. Hypnotic drug play

I’m a medical marijuana patient and a lot of my hypnosis play involves marijuana. It helps me relax and drop more deeply when my partner trances me, but I also rely on it for anxiety and PTSD. Running out of marijuana makes me very nervous so my partner decided to use hypnosis to help me achieve the effects that marijuana gives me. Hearing the trigger phrase makes me feel as if I’ve just taken a big hit and fills me with a sense of peace, letting me manage my anxiety even when I’m not able to smoke.

9. Anxiety-reducing spirals

Another way of coping with my anxiety using hypnosis involves spiral GIFs. Spirals aren’t just a hypnosis trope from the movies–they’re actually a really helpful tool. Staring at a looping spiral can help you focus your mind on something in order to more easily slip into trance.

Spiral GIFs are a wonderful tool because if I’m feeling anxious but my partner doesn’t have the ability to do a full-on hypnosis session, I can ask him to send me spirals which let me take a mini mind-vacation until he wakes me. It’s very useful for dealing with anxiety before it spirals (no pun intended) out of control.

10. Hypnotic breath play

Breath play is a major kink of mine. I enjoy it in almost every form and it’s something I’ve definitely found myself missing ever since COVID made in-person play impossible for me. To combat my burning desires to get choked, my long-distance partner decided to integrate it into our hypnosis play. All he has to do is utter my trigger word, and my breathing is restricted until he utters it again. This effect isn’t strong enough to put me in any danger, but hearing the trigger automatically signals my body to stop inhaling and wait for permission to breathe again.

11. Enjoying kinks I don’t normally enjoy

During a scene negotiation, my partner expressed that he wanted to play with erotic hypnosis involving my breasts. I’m not super into my breasts being touched or played with, so I never really involve them in the type of long-distance play we take part in. However, since it’s not a limit, I gave permission for my partner to explore his idea. 

Once tranced, he made the suggestion that my breasts had increased sensitivity and that touching them gave me sexual pleasure similar to intense clitoral stimulation. Suddenly, I couldn’t keep my hands off them. I had a number of orgasms from breast stimulation alone, which was completely new to me. We go back to this idea regularly because I love the fact that he can make me enjoy things I don’t normally get pleasure from.

12. Explored my accent kink

I have a raging accent kink and my partner is Irish, so naturally he uses this to his advantage. His natural speaking voice is pretty irresistible to me, but he also throws on fake accents every now and then to keep me on my toes. In fact, even regional accent changes have a strong effect on me. We discovered that if he uses a Donegal accent (a region in Ireland he isn’t even from) to tell me to drop for him, I drop into trance immediately. I’m naturally sensitive to changes in someone’s manner of speaking so the unexpected pattern interruption of an accent shift is something I pick up on easily. My partner exploited this by using shifts in his accent to intentionally put me into trance, which reinforced the connection in my brain and is now a powerful trigger. 

13. Sensitivity dial

Dials are a common concept in hypnosis. They’re an easy way for subjects to visualize a change happening while in trance and can be used post-hypnotically. In my case, my partner created a general sensitivity dial that defaults to 100 but could be lowered or raised at his discretion. It allows for some very exciting teasing over a period of time and can also be used for denial play by getting me all riled up, only to signal my sensitivity dial being turned to zero. Either way, it’s incredibly hot to experience the highs and lows of arousal under someone else’s control.

14. Orgasm on command

This one took a lot of work and is still a little finicky at times. I’ve wanted to learn how to orgasm on command ever since that first mental orgasm but trying to harness the will to actually do it is tough work! Pairing my orgasm trigger phrase to moments of intense pleasure helped get me to the point where I was actually able to orgasm on command. This is definitely one that needs constant reinforcement for me, though. However, the work my partner and I put into this one really pays off in the moment. I imagine it must be a big power trip for him to actually get me to orgasm on command, and I’m certainly not complaining.

15. Been given a ridiculous new kink

One of the most amazing things about erotic hypnosis is the fact that it’s extremely versatile. You can do literally anything you can imagine using hypnosis, which can get super interesting with a little creativity. My partner, the sadist that he is, decided to test out giving me an entirely new kink while I was in trance. Something I had never before thought of in a sexual manner: cowboys. Don’t ask me why this worked but once he started leaving suggestions in my mind, I couldn’t get enough of his terrible cowboy impression. It was embarrassingly hot and hilarious, but maybe my partner’s hypnosis skills have gotten too powerful.

These are just examples of things I’ve done with hypnosis. While some have been very silly, most of them have also been very intense sexual experiences. Hypnosis has made its way into my life and has become a core kink for me after years of only exploring the surface. I’m so grateful for the experiences I’ve had, including all the wonderful instruction my partner and I have received from the hypno community. I can’t wait to see how deep this kink will take me.

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