5 Luxury Sex Accessories I Wish I Could Afford

I’ve been reviewing sex toys for almost a decade now so my personal toybox of toys has grown into a pretty massive (and dare I say impressive) collection. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely thankful for the large sex toy collection I own, but in the spirit of setting some serious #goals, I decided to put together a short list of some of the big ticket items I’d buy if money (and play space) were no object.

Riding Sex Machine

One of the most exciting sex toys that I want to try is a rideable sex machine. It seems like the perfect thing for someone whose prime position for masturbating is upright on a toy mount using an extremely powerful wand.

I’ve heard of people letting others take a spin on these bad boys at play parties, but as someone who tends to be concerned about sharing intimate toys with people who aren’t fluid-bound partners, I don’t think I’m destined to try one unless I could afford one for myself. There are several companies that make these types of toys, but they’re all pretty pricey. Plus, the machine itself is usually very bulky and loud, but no dream dungeon would be complete without a riding sex machine of my own. 

Fucking Machine

If riding sex machines aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps a classic “fucking machine” is the way to go. While rideable sex machines tend to focus on clitoral stimulation and intense vibration, fucking machines are usually more geared towards thrusting.

If you don’t have the money or space for a fully-functional fucking machine of your own, you can always invest in something close to that idea. Honestly, the idea of a Fuck Saw is almost more appealing to me than a stand-alone machine, but if that seems like too much for you, a Fun Factory Stronic or one of the popular Velvet Thruster toys make a good alternative. They may not have the same exact appeal but they’re still great toys that require a much smaller initial investment.

Custom Sex Doll

One of the coolest luxury sex toys for people with a penis is the idea of a custom sex doll. Sure, Fleshlights and pocket pussies are great but the real luxury is having your very own fuck doll. Custom sex dolls can be a hefty investment, but they can be fully optimized for your needs and provide a realistic sexual experience. As someone with a vagina, my desire for a sex doll mostly involves having a decent way to practice strap on sex, as well as tying it into some objectification kinks I have.


Sex Swing


Another cool sex accessory I wish I had the money for is a sex swing. It just opens up so many options for play and the whole concept just sounds like a lot of fun. You can either set up a really intense kink scene using it, or make it super playful and silly. Unfortunately, this toy requires buying both the swing itself, as well as some sort of structure to hold the swing, which can really add up in costs. Sure, they have cheap over-the-door sex swings but they’re just not the same as the real deal.

Padded spanking bench

Last but perhaps most importantly, my dream dungeon needs a padded spanking bench. It is perhaps the only reason I still go to my local dungeon because regardless of how many kink toys I have, impact play just hits different when you’re bound to a padded spanking bench. Something like this requires a large amount of space and isn’t at all subtle if you have guests in your home so it isn’t exactly realistic for my current living situation. But if I had the proper space, I would make a spanking bench the focal point of a home dungeon.

Photography: Stockroom

Those are all the toys I’d invest in if I had the disposable income to make it happen. I may not ever get to own any of these luxury items, but a girl can dream! Do you have something big that you’d want in your play space that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment telling me what kinds of sex accessories you’d put in your dream dungeon!

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