5 Reasons to Hire a Sex Worker

Sex work is seen as a highly taboo topic, especially with influences from the media. While it is often painted as a sketchy or shameful operation, that’s not how most interactions between sex workers and clients tend to go. In fact, finding a sex worker can be a really pleasant, professional experience for a lot of people and lots of folks utilize the services that sex workers provide for one reason or another in their lifetime. 

Sex workers are all over social media and there are even websites to help find the best agencies for sex workers in your area. Whether you’re looking for online interactions, content available for purchase, or an in-person session, there are lots of ways to get in touch with a sex worker. Nervous about your first time? Try reading up on client guidelines before contacting someone. 

Sex work isn’t the shady business it’s often made out to be. In fact, you probably know people who have hired or purchased content from sex workers before. There are lots of reasons people choose to work with sex workers in various capacities. Here are some of the main reasons people hire sex workers.

1. Sex work is a great option for those with a busy schedule.

For people who work a lot, travel often, or work unusual hours, it may be difficult to date or build relationships with others. If someone is finding it difficult to maintain a relationship due to their schedule, they might find it a lot easier to book a session with a sex worker every now and then. Sex workers are available at all hours, especially for online services, so it’s easy to find someone who is able to fit your schedule and get you what you need.

2. Sex work can help you safely explore new kinks.

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Most sex workers are pretty well-versed in the world of BDSM. In fact, if you have an unusual kink or sexual interest, I can guarantee there are sex workers out there who specialize in it–or at least who are willing to explore it with you. If you have a specific kink or fetish you want to explore, hiring a sex worker is an excellent way to safely do that. Working with a professional can ease any feelings of shame that you may have about your kinks, as they’re usually very open to “taboo” scenarios. Sex workers can provide a judgement-free environment to safely explore your dark, strange, or intense kinks. Don’t be shy–they’ve heard it all.

3. Sex work can help with guided discipline.

For people such as myself, who thrive under the orders of a dominant party, sex work can provide some guidelines for a more productive life. When I did sex work in college, a lot of my clients were submissives who lacked guidance in their personal lives to get certain things done. This included things like chores around the house, getting work done, or focusing on a specific area in their life. Many of my clients liked the integration of helping them tackle to-do lists while making it more of a sexual game to do tasks for me and get rewarded with attention and other positive reinforcements. If you have a list of chores you just can’t find the motivation to do, a sex worker can help turn you into a productive submissive and reward you for your efforts. Win-win.

4. Sex work is a direct way to get needs met.

For some people, sex workers provide a necessary outlet for their sexual desires if they’re not being met by sexual/romantic partners. For example, someone in a long-distance relationship might benefit from the company of a sex worker to get their sexual needs taken care of while maintaining a romantic relationship with their partner. Of course, I advise you both discuss this option, as everyone’s boundaries are different within a relationship.

Comparatively, someone who is dating an asexual person may have an arrangement with a sex worker so their sexual needs are met without having to put pressure on their partner to engage in sex. On the other hand, someone who is aromantic may benefit from having a regular arrangement with a sex worker for their sexual needs without the messiness of possibly hurting someone’s feelings with casual sex or hookups. Sex work is very beneficial to those with alternative relationship dynamics to ensure everyone’s fulfilled and happy with their sexual/romantic relationships.

5.Sex work provides professional-level companionship.

For folks with disabilities or mental health concerns like social anxiety or agoraphobia, dating can be difficult or frustrating. Sex workers provide companionship, affection, and socialization for folks who may not otherwise be able to find what they need through conventional dating.

For people like Andrew Gurza, trying to navigate the dating scene as a disabled person was disappointing so he decided to hire sex workers to side-step the unnecessary frustrations of dating. He even did an interview on sex work with BBC. Andrew takes pride in working with sex workers and says the connections he has with them makes him feel “powerful, sexy, and important.” Sex work provides essential professional-level companionship to tons of disabled clients around the world.

Have you hired a sex worker for a different reason than those listed here? Share your reasons and your experiences in using sex work in the comments below!

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