7 Sexy Things to Do During Quarantine

In the early months of 2020, life as we know it changed. The COVID-19 virus rapidly spread and countries all over the world went into total lockdown. Now, six months later, most of the world is still social distancing and we’ve had to adapt to the current reality (as terrifying as it may be). So why not make the most out of your time stuck in quarantine? Here are some ideas to keep in touch with your sexuality, even in the midst of a global pandemic.

1) Make your own porn

If you’re quarantined with a partner, you might want to try staring in your own porn together. Set up your phone or camera and try to forget it’s even there (unless exhibition gets you going). Try to capture what genuine, real sex looks like for you and your partner and maybe even make some extra cash during quarantine by starting an OnlyFans account. 

If amateur porn isn’t your style, you can also do a classy boudoir photoshoot on your own or with a partner behind the camera. Model your cutest lingerie or bare it all and see how many great shots you can capture in one afternoon.

2) Spice up your work day

If you’re fortunate enough to have a job that’s been able to go fully remote, there’s a big opportunity to have some fun in your new work environment. While workplace harassment is no joke, we have to admit that boss/secretary fantasies can be really hot. Why not hire your partner for the day to help you get your work done? Clothing is optional in an at-home workplace, of course, but try not to get too distracted gawking at your new administrative assistant.

3) Have a sex marathon

With social events on hiatus for the time being, you might have a lot of extra time on your hands. Give yourself one day to fully devote to pleasure, whatever that may look like for you. Stay naked in bed with your partner all afternoon or have some solo fun with all your favorite sex toys. See how many orgasms you can stack up in a single day or how many you can give your partner. Be sure to keep some snacks and hydration within reach for refueling!  

4) Try out VR porn

If you have ankind of VR headset (including the affordable cardboard models) you’re definitely going to want to try out VR porn while you’re stuck in quarantine. VR porn brings you to the forefront of the hottest scenes and leaves little to your imagination. It can heighten your senses and let you enjoy your watching experience so much more than 2D porn. Your sex or dating life may be on pause due to social distancing, but you can try out some of the best VR porn for yourself without risking your health.

5) Use a remote-controlled toy

If you’re not quarantined with your partner, you can still have fun from a distance. Try a remote controlled sex toy like the Lovense Lush 2 or the We-Vibe Moxie. These toys can be fully controlled via a mobile app that your partner can use from anywhere in the world with internet access. That means even folks in long-distance relationships can get in on the fun from the comfort and safety of their own home during quarantine.

6) Learn how to strip

A great use of time during quarantine is to learn a new skill, so why not try something super sexy and learn how to strip? There are loads of free resources and videos you can look up online to learn how to perform a sexy strip tease. You can even go all out and invest in your own stripper pole to turn your bedroom into an erotic dance studio. It easily installs with most ceilings and is a great way to work out while your gym is closed due to COVID.

7) Have a stealthy public scene

As businesses start to reopen, it’s important to remember to practice social distancing and wear a face mask in public spaces. This is primarily for your safety and the safety of others but if you’re running a quick errand, why not have a little fun with the fact that most of our faces are now hidden in public? Try hiding a gag under your mask while running errands–just make sure you use a breathable ball gag or an open-mouth gag so you can still breathe normally. You can also hide a play collar if you’re using a mask that covers your neck. Have some stealthy kinky fun in public without anyone knowing what’s just beneath the mask.

Hopefully quarantine won’t last forever, but why not have some fun with it while we’re all cooped up inside? Take advantage of the situation and explore your sexuality in whatever way you can. So long as you’re not putting anyone’s health at risk, do whatever makes you feel good. Sex and orgasms produce endorphins, which can give you a much-needed boost of happiness during these uncertain times. Indulge a bit and have as many orgasms as you possibly can!

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