Body Writing

Body writing is a largely versatile kink that anyone from beginners to those with years of experience can enjoy. It’s a simple activity for many kinksters and can often incorporate other kinks, as well. A little creativity and a writing tool is all you need to kick off an enjoyable evening.

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The basis of body-writing is the humiliation aspect of being objectified in a clearly-labeled way. Most body-writing involves some amount of degradation, insults, or claims of ownership on the bottom party. You can be a “filthy disobedient slut”, “Mistress’s fucktoy”, or merely have your holes labeled for use. Of course, degradation and humiliation are not required aspects of play. Those looking for a more mild experience can simply enjoy being told how wonderful, beautiful, or sexy they are by having it written on their skin for the world (or just intimate partners) to see.

Exhibitionism is another kink that can easily tie in with body-writing. Whether your idea of fun is a clearly-labeled “PROPERTY OF” ass at a play party or posting nude photos of your partner’s body scrawled with dirty words and phrases (with consent), some people just love showing off what’s theirs. Body-writing makes it easier to convey a message about your dynamic or what kinds of kinks you’re into in a fun, dirty way.

Photo: Salem

The dehumanization and objectification of being written on for others’ enjoyment is an exciting kink in itself for some people. For others, it’s the dirty little secret of having “Daddy’s little slut” written just below their neckline during a faculty meeting. Whether you’re being put on display for the world to see or just like having your secrets nearly revealed, body-writing is a great tool for creating and exploring fantasies.

For those looking for something with more intense stimulation, we have options. Instead of writing on one’s skin, why not write in it? Delve into a bit of knife play or blood play in combination with body-writing for an experience custom-fit for a masochist. Obviously, for this type of play you should be extra careful with a heavy focus on safety and aftercare, as with anything that involves breaking the skin. It is also recommended that at least the top take a course in first aid to ensure proper treatment of open wounds and tool sterilization to avoid infection. Indulge in these kinks at your own risk and only with a sober, clear judgement.

Writing Implement Ideas 

Photo Credit: Salem
  • Eyeliner
  • Lipstick
  • Body paint
  • Liquid latex
  • Washable markers
  • Sharpie
  • Knife/scalpel
  • Wax
  • Branding
  • Carved paddles/impact toys

Aftercare should counteract the overlapping kinks involved in the specific scene. For example, if the scene focused on degradation and humiliation, try pampering the bottom or verbally comforting them by reminding them that they are cared for and loved.

For some, having the Top wash off the body-writing is a good way to do this either in a sexy shower together or an intimate bubble bath. For cases where the skin was broken, be sure wounds are properly cleaned and cared for in addition to making sure the bottom is emotionally stable. Try providing a snack and drink to bring blood sugar levels back to normal after a scene involving blood.

Feel free to get creative with both ideas for the scene and the tools themselves when it comes to body-writing. Find something that works for you and your partner if this guide didn’t give you the best-fitting idea for your dynamic. Have fun and play safe!

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