Kink-Friendly Therapists

BDSM is something not everyone is comfortable talking about with their support system, but it may be an important aspect of therapy. For those who are seeking counseling for psychological issues, it can be very important that their therapist is knowledgeable about the aspects of BDSM that effect their patients’ lives.

Alternative sex therapists such as the ones listed can help with non-monogamous relationship dynamics, D/s relationships, as well as the maintaining of a safe and healthy exploration of kink. In addition, many of them will treat fetishes or intrusive kinks that you are not comfortable with. Whether you want to work on changing your behavior or just discuss ways to maintain happiness, therapy can help anyone! In addition with working with those interested in BDSM, many of these contacts also specialize in LGBTQ issues.

For anyone seeking professional assistance, I have created this list of therapy options with experience in dealing with the BDSM community. All of these options are for kink friendly therapy but other professionals are available to search through in the Kink-Aware Professional directory.

Don’t see your area listed? Try the Kink-Aware Professionals directory!

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