Remote-Controlled Toys

On my second date with my current partner, I handed him a small black remote before we walked into the restaurant. He knowingly attached it to his keys with a grin on his face and left it sitting on the table throughout our meal. Several times, he reached over and pressed a button in the middle of our conversation. I squirmed in my seat for his amusement.

After dinner, we went bowling. As I pulled back my arm to take my turn, the vibrations clicked on and threw off my shot. Despite doing this repeatedly to lower my score, I still won. However, over the evening, he tortured me for it. By the time I got him home, I was soaked.

My love for remote-controlled toys didn’t start recently. One of my first toys was an egg-shaped vibrator that came with a lime green remote that attached to my play partner’s key chain when we met up at diners on late nights. He’d max out the intensity when the waitress asked for my order every time and every time it caught me off guard.

Then I entered a long-term relationship with someone 2,000 miles away. With an ocean between us, there was little we could do to fulfill our physical needs together. I wished so badly that remote-controlled vibrators could work from that far. However, this was a time before either of us owned smartphones, and sex toy technology had not yet perfected the Bluetooth control of vibrators. Even now, there are still improvements to be made.

I’ve done a bit of research into some current options for those interested in investing in a remote-controlled toy of their own.

Toys with an app for Bluetooth control will be marked with a smartphone emoji (πŸ“±).

External Remote-Controlled Toys

  • The Cowgirl: Modern, luxurious sex machine that offers the β€œultimate sexual experience.” πŸ“±
  • Club Vibe 2.OH: A rechargeable vibe that sits in a pair of included panties (one size).
  • We-Vibe Pivot Penis Ring: Rechargeable vibrating silicone app-controlled cock ring. πŸ“±
  • Sola Sync: Waterproof extra-long wand for accessibility.
  • Cal Exotics Lock-N-Play: A silicone external vibe that magnet-locks into any panties.
    • Read my review of the Lock-N-Play panty teaser with wristband remote here.
  • Lovense Domi: Water resistant, app-controlled powerful mini wand.Β πŸ“±
  • We-Vibe Moxie: App-controlled clitoral stimulator that locks into panties with a magnet. πŸ“±

Internal Remote-Controlled Toys

Remote-Controlled Anal Toys

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  1. Do you know how many of these are hackable? I’m a code writer. I don’t want to stop at (or drop the money on) something I can’t operate with my own code. Can I write my own app for raspberry pi, or link it to my home automation system, or just set up a few devious sensors for predicament scenes? In the past I built a wall outlet I could control and plugged a magic wand into that, but it was awkward and crude.

    1. Why would you bother hacking a strangers sex toy anyway lol you say that like it’s a common issue

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