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The Baby Star is just one of the new toys in a line of gorgeous vibrators by ZALO. The line includes a wand-style vibe, a rabbit vibe, a heart-shaped vibe, and more! The Baby Star is the smallest of the options but still packs some power. This app-controlled bullet is perfect for stealthy stimulation wherever you want it.


The Baby Star bullet is a silky-smooth silicone vibrator that is just over 3” in length. It has a small, bulbous tip that isn’t entirely useful for g-spotting due to the short length of the toy.

The bullet has an attached cord with a gold-plated charm for easy removal. Is gold plating really necessary in a sex toy? Absolutely not, but it’ll make you feel fancy—and that’s all that matters.


The ZALO Baby Star is an app-controlled vibrator that can be used solo or with a local partner controlling the settings. Once paired, you’re able to subtly control the bullet from anywhere (up to 30 feet away from the toy), which can bring a new kind of excitement to date nights.

In the ZALO remote app, you’re able to control the settings of the bullet based on pre-set patterns with adjustable speeds, pair it with music, or create your own interactive patterns and settings. The interactive feature is a ton of fun to play around with. You can tap your screen to a beat or at random to make the bullet vibrate, which is great for teasing a partner so they don’t expect what’s coming next.

The Baby Star is a fully rechargeable toy that does not require any batteries. It comes with its own charging cord, which can be used in a USB port or with an AC adapter for charging at an outlet. Charging for an hour gives you 2-4 hours of play time.

I was a bit disappointed that unlike the We-Vibe app-controlled toys, the ZALO Baby Star cannot be controlled from anywhere. The Bluetooth connection has to be local (within 30 feet) to work. However, considering that We-Vibe’s app tends to have a horrible connection and doesn’t work with plus-size bodies, it was refreshing to finally have an app-controlled toy that works for me. The ZALO Remote app does have some flaws and weird features I don’t quite understand but its connection has been consistently strong for me and I am satisfied with it.


Surprisingly, the Baby Star does have a nice range to its vibration settings. While it’s a little annoying to not have a completely stable vibration mode, it does have one that’s only slightly variant and not really noticeably different than a steady mode. For those who like patterns, there’s a bunch of great options for you in the app as well.

Each of the eight settings comes with a vibration strength slider, which I like a lot. It’s easy to use and customize to your exact liking, even if you like a lot of power. As someone who loves strength in their vibrators, this one packs a punch in its small body. 

There are four “scene” modes, which are preset modes with lots of different patterns and three custom modes. In addition to these, you can create playlists and masturbate to your favorite beats. (I may have accidentally masturbated to the Hamilton soundtrack in trying out this feature.) There are enough options to find a setting you like or you can customize one that’s perfect for you.


I normally don’t comment on packaging, but this toy warrants it. The Baby Star comes in a beautiful purple box with a castle design. It has a removable middle layer with the instructions, warranty card, charging cord, and satin pouch. The box is pretty discreet and can be used for storage or whatever your heart desires. Personally, I think it makes a cute jewelry or keepsake box.

I don’t usually keep original packaging for my toys, but this one is just too pretty to throw out.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Baby Star is pretty simple. Because it is water-resistant (splashproof and approved for short periods of submersion up to three feet), you can wash it by hand with some antibacterial soap and water. Due to the motor, you cannot boil or wash this toy in a dishwasher. Although the Baby Star is marketed for being (nearly) waterproof, I would personally avoid submerging it. There is a small plug over the charging port, but I have a suspicion that it could be easily removed under water, potentially destroying the motor.

Personally, I stick to careful hand washing because I only use this toy on myself. If you’re sharing it with a partner, you can also soak it in a 10% bleach solution to sanitize it.

Use only water-based lubricants with this toy, as silicone ones can ruin the finish on it. For more information on specific lubricants, check out my lube guide.


The Baby Star is a great toy if you’re looking for a locally app-controlled bullet. While I definitely use this toy more to “tease” than to reach orgasm, it isn’t lacking in power and has the capability to get you off if internal vibration is your thing. Of course, it can also be used as an external vibe, but it’s more fun to use in subtle public play than anything else.

If you’re looking for something to use with a partner on date night, the Baby Star is a great option. It has a consistent connection, strong vibrations, and a mode for every mood. Make your date a night to remember with this compact vibe!

The Baby Star was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

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