Review: Tantus Bound

Bound is unlike any dildo I’ve seen before–one that caters specifically to the BDSM community. This gorgeous toy has an extra-special texture to it that rope-geeks and riggers alike are going to love.

It stands just over 6″ in length with a 1.5″ girth, making this average-sized toy beginner-friendly and non-intimidating to most users. What makes this dildo notable, however, is its extremely sensational texture. Wrapped around the entire cock is a bit of twisted rope, giving Bound a unique feel that adds intense stimulation during penetration.

  • Diameter: 1.5″
  • Insertable Length: 6.25″

Made of 100% pure, body-safe silicone, this toy is as safe as it is fun. However, due to its very detailed surface, Tantus recommends that Bound be cleaned with more attention than smooth toys. Because it has such tiny nooks, you should boil for five minutes, soak in a 5%-10% bleach solution, or toss in the top shelf of your dishwasher if you plan on sharing this toy. (For easier clean-up you can even use a condom!)

The Tantus Bound is compatible with water-based lube, anal-safe, and works with o-ring style strap-on harnesses, so you can play however you’d like with it! My only complaint to note is that the flange (base) is quite thin. The model I received had a very thin base, and due to the slight curve towards the head of the cock, it sometimes has a problem being top-heavy and falling over if I try to stand it on a surface.

The recent product photos show a base that is a bit thicker, however, so this problem may have been resolved already, but I wanted to include it in this review for reference.

Bound is a great toy that you’re not going to find anywhere else. Those who enjoy bondage or roleplay are going to love this toy as much as I did! With a beginner-friendly size, completely body-safe material, and truly unique texture, Bound caters to kinky fantasies in a way that other toys just can’t match.

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