Review: CalExotics Wristband Remote Kegel System

I’ve been on the lookout for a decent remote-controlled toy since the dawn of time and everytime I think I’m getting close to one, I find a flaw. My plus-size body doesn’t always work well with Bluetooth models and a lot of internal remote-controlled vibes just don’t work for someone my size. I’ve even tried the CalExotics panty vibe to try to cut down on the signal interference of an internal vibe and still haven’t been satisfied with most options I’ve come across. The design of the CalExotics wristband systems really did intrigue me, however, so I decided to give them another shot with their kegel system.


Unlike their panty vibe, the CalExotics Wristband Kegel System is an internal toy. This made me nervous because a lot of internal toys don’t have a great signal when used in someone my size. However, the actual connection with their wristband system was excellent, so I wanted to try out that same system, but with an internal toy (especially since my biggest issue with the panty vibe was the way it was held in your panties, not the actual connection).

Their kegel system has a peanut-shaped body, covered in super squishy, velvety soft silicone. To the touch, it feels amazing. The silicone is so plush that it’s extremely comfortable during use and I may have used it as a stress ball at my desk on more than one occasion. I often have issues with inserting soft, squishy toys but the motor inside provides a firm base to make insertion very easy. 

The CalExotics kegel system has a silicone removal cord as well, which also has the control button on the actual toy itself, though it can be fully controlled with the wristband remote. The wristband remote is a super discreet way to play in public, as it looks a lot like a FitBit at first glance.


The CalExotics kegel system has 12 functions of vibration, pulsation, and escalation that you can cycle through easily. Speeds and patterns are controlled by the same button, which isn’t ideal but keeps the wristband remote simple. In addition to the button to cycle through settings, there is also a power button to easily turn the kegel system on and off.

The kegel system is fully rechargeable and comes with a dual USB charging cord so you can easily charge both the toy itself and the wristband remote at the same time. Charging takes about an hour and gets up to 80 minutes of play time. The wristband remote can work up to 33 feet away from the kegel toy itself.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The kegel system is fully encased in silicone so cleaning is very easy. For solo use, all you need is antibacterial soap and warm water to clean it between sessions. If you’re sharing this toy with a partner, however, you can soak it in a 10% bleach solution, then hand wash with soap.

Be sure to only use water-based lubricant with this and any other silicone toys, as silicone lubricants can damage the structural integrity of silicone toys.


The fact that I was able to get this toy to work with the remote while inside me was a miracle. Very few remote-controlled toys have worked for me and I was very pleased with this one in particular. I’m not sure if I would use this toy for kegel exercises, however.

Kegel toys are meant to help you contract and release the kegel muscles to build strength, which has a number of sexual health benefits. Normally, kegel toys come in the form of weighted balls that cause your pelvic muscles to hold onto them as you move.

I didn’t notice any real effect on my kegels while using this toy, but I used it as I would any remote-controlled bullet toy. It was certainly a pleasurable toy to use but didn’t feel like a real “workout” for my kegels. 

I’d highly recommend this toy to anyone who is interested in a remote-controlled vibrator for discreet public play. As for working on those kegel muscles, I might recommend using weighted kegel balls instead of a remote-controlled vibrating toy. Nonetheless, this product is a solid choice for someone who is more interested in the vibrating sensations rather than focusing on strengthening those muscles.

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As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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