Review: Claw Gloves (The Kink Shop)

I never got too into the primal kink, but I like raw, animalistic sex as much as the next person. Specifically, I like the scratching and digging in of nails in the heat of the moment. For a long time, my main tool for this kind of scene was my pair of vampire gloves, but I craved more options for this type of play. Then I found the claw gloves.

The claw gloves are made of genuine cow leather and have a great smell to them. If you play with a lot of leather toys, you might relate that scent to some hot scenes from the past. These are no exception, and when my partner or I put them on, I immediately get turned on by the leather smell. If leather isn’t your thing, The Kink Shop also makes claw gloves made of rabbit fur–ironically called bear claws.

The leather version is quite soft on the hand, although the fingertips can be a little uncomfortable if you don’t get the correct size. I had ordered a large, the same size as my vampire gloves, which worked for a lot of my partners and I. However, with the claw gloves, the fingers are a bit too long for me and thus make the claws themselves more difficult to use. If you’re unsure of your size, I’d round down or contact the shop for assistance.

The claws are held in place with a small metal frame inside each finger. This keeps them stable on your fingers while you scratch or dig into your partner. The claws are quite long in length–measuring two inches–so they can take some getting used to.

During use, they feel amazing on my skin. They’re sharp enough to give me that pain sensation I like as a masochist, buy they can also be used gently on my more sensitive partner. Good for both pain play and sensation, they’re pretty versatile. While I haven’t been able to draw blood using these (like I do with the vampire gloves), mixing up gentle scratches with grabbing and clawing during a scene is a fun way to keep the bottom party on their toes.

As the wearer of the gloves, I’m not in love with the way the fingers feel, but this may have to do with the sizing more than the actual construction of the gloves. The internal metal frame is somewhat adjustable by squeezing the sides to fit smaller fingers, but they aren’t the most comfortable design. My partner doesn’t have the same complaint as I do when wearing them, however.

All in all, I love the way they look and feel while being used on me. They make me feel more “primal” and definitely invite a certain friskiness to the scene. They are a great accessory for those into Predator/prey dynamics, pet-play, furries, or anyone looking for a little added sensation during play who don’t want the intense sharpness of the vampire gloves.

xx SF

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