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I’ve had my eye on Dame’s products for a while and I finally got my hands on one of their toys to try out for myself. The toy I received, Fin, is a finger vibrator–a style I’ve never used before. Finger vibrators have an entirely different feel than my go-to wand style vibrators, which are typically large, incredibly powerful, and allow for some reach due to the long handle. The Fin, however, seems to go back to the basics of using my hands to masturbate–admittedly, a foreign concept for me after a decade of testing toys.


The Fin is super small compared to almost all of my other sex toys. It’s only about an inch and a half, not including the finger tether that attaches for optional use. With it being this small, I didn’t have high hopes for the motor strength (especially since I’m spoiled with the power of wand vibrators). The motor isn’t super powerful, as I expected, but it has potential–especially to someone who requires less intensity than I do to get off. It is a bit on the loud side if noise is of any concern, though.

Fin is similar to other models on the market that have incorporated the placement for fingers into the design of the toy, and many of those sell for a fraction of the price. They’re not all rechargeable or silicone for that matter, but the price of the Fin is a bit much for what you’re getting.


Holding the Fin in between my fingers feels surprisingly really comfortable. The reach was not as much of a problem as I was expecting as a plus-size person who is used to the added inches of a large wand. However, the power of Fin was a bit of a struggle to work with.

While I did eventually get off with Fin, it was an impressive feat for my body. Due to the size limitations, the motor is incredibly small and on the weaker end of the spectrum, which doesn’t usually work for me. It does have three basic speeds, which is refreshing in an industry obsessed with putting 25 unnecessary patterns in every vibrator. The Fin is very much a minimalist’s dream, both in appearance and function.

Fin is controlled with one button on the top of the toy and comes with a “finger tether,” which is an optional feature to be sure it stays in place on your hand. Personally, I approached the Fin thinking I would definitely use the tether but after some struggling to achieve orgasm, I ended up removing it to get some better angles.

Care & Cleaning

Because the Fin is made of silicone, it’s incredibly easy to clean–all it takes is some antibacterial soap and warm water. The Fin is splashproof/water-resistant, meaning it’s okay to hand-wash and possibly use in the shower but it is not submergible. Also, be sure to only use water-based lubricants with the Fin to avoid damaging the silicone. 

Fin is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cord, as well as a small storage pouch to keep your Fin clean and the charging cord on hand. This makes it travel really well, too. Because of its size and ease of cleaning, it’s the perfect toy to stow away in your luggage for some fun while traveling. 


Fin isn’t going to make it into my list of top sex toys, but it’s definitely not the worst. Although the tiny motor is disappointing, I believe the majority of users will achieve orgasm with it more easily than I did. My standards for intensity are pretty high and I was still able to get off with this toy. 

Fin has some lovely qualities, including its simplistic look, its “no-nonsense” three stable speeds, and its rechargeable, water-resistant design. It offers a lot of options for using it–especially during foreplay or partnered sex.

I really appreciate the approach Dame uses with this toy. It is intended to bring people closer for a more intimate sexual experience. I think it does have a lot of potential for use during penetrative sex as a clitoral vibrator that will encourage users to close the orgasm gap between men and women. I highly suggest trying it out with a partner to get the full experience of the Fin. That being said, if you’re looking for an affordable vibrator with a strong motor, this might not be the product you’re looking for.

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As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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