Review: Tantus Echo

The Echo is my first Tantus vibrator, and I was really pleased with its quality. Up until this point, I owned and loved many Tantus dildos, but have never had a vibrator from them. The first thing you need to know about Tantus vibrators is that they are not like traditional vibrators with a motor inside. Instead, they are more specifically “vibrating dildos.” This means they are dildo models that have a specially designed hole in the base that comes with an insertable bullet.

This design is great for a number of reasons.

  • It allows for maximum sanitation of the vibrator. While most vibrators can only be washed with soap and water, the optional bullet makes this vibrator completely sanitizable by removing the bullet and either a) boiling for five minutes, b) soaking in a 5% bleach solution, or c) putting in the top rack of a dishwasher. This allows for much cleaner and safer play where other vibrators cannot be shared between partners or used without a condom. Echo is also made of 100% high-quality body-safe silicone, so it’s firm, yet smooth, and is completely non-porous, which keeps bacteria out of your toys!
  • It is fully compatible with Tantus’s suction cup. Tantus suction cups are an additional purchase that turns any Tantus vibrator into a suction-cup dildo. They work great but they’re not compatible with regular dildos, only their vibrator models, like Echo, who have this hole where the bullet normally goes. (I’ll be writing a full review on the suction cup option on its own, so check my #sex toy review tag for information on that.)
  • The bullet included comes with multiple patterns and settings. Not only does it have various intensities but it also has patterns and “roller-coastering” settings to make the most out of your vibrating experience. It’s also quite strong on higher settings, and I have a high standard for bullet strength.

Echo’s texture is really fantastic, and I usually don’t like a whole lot of texture. It has ridges on one side of the shaft but is otherwise smooth and even has a bit of a head to it, like a real penis. The texture adds some fun without being too over-stimulating. I liked it a lot!

Echo is a really great size for most people, too!

  • Diameter: 1.55″
  • Insertable Length: 6.5”

It’s also safe for anal play, like all of Tantus’s dildos and vibrators (due to the flared base). It poses no health risks with anal play and is compatible with standard harnesses for strap-on fun! Every gender can enjoy this great toy!

Echo comes in pearl white (that’s what mine is, pictured above!) or midnight purple but it’s also available in a grab bag form! (Along with its sister-toy, the Echo Handle.)

If you don’t know about Tantus grab bags, you need to check them out because it’s one of the coolest things about Tantus!

Grab bags are essentially the same exact toy you can order from their site but in a random color. Tantus experiments with colors or sometimes has a batch where the color is a little off so they sell them for super cheap to people who don’t care about their toy’s color. You can get uniquely colored toys, toys with swirls, or mixed-colored toys from this program! The toys are all the same quality and have no other defects to them, so you can be sure your toy is still safe!

All in all, Echo is a great-quality toy from a great company! It’s safe, versatile, and fun. What more can you ask for?

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