Review: Hex Nut Impact Stick (RavenHawkToys)

As someone with a sizable kink toy collection, I really appreciate unique toys. I like handmade toys, recycled toys, and toys that have a history to them. Not only does that allow me to have a range of sensation available to me during play, but it’s also a great conversation starter. One of the most satisfying things about going to local dungeons is being able to play “Show & Tell” with other kinksters when the toy bags come out.

Etsy is a wonderful place to find unique toys. Sellers from around the world offer vintage, recycled, or even custom-made pieces. One of my favorite shops for pre-made impact toys is Raven Hawk Toys. Shop owner Alexxa has almost 200 kink toys in her Etsy available for purchase and offers a huge variety of styles and sensations. There’s truly something for everyone.

I own four pieces from Raven Hawk Toys at this point (and plan on more soon) but my favorite one so far is the Hex Nut Impact Stick. The name doesn’t sound too exciting and it’s not the fanciest of toys to look at, but if you want something that packs a punch, this one has you covered!

The design is simple: a threaded metal rod with hex nuts screwed onto it and a smooth black plastic cover for a handle. However, as simple as it is, it’s a really effective impact toy! It’s heavy, textured enough to leave distinct marks, and compact enough for easy travel. The nuts are set in place so they don’t move at all. They also alternate in position on the rod, which allows for more marking than if they all were in the same position.

On the thuddy to stingy scale of impact toys, this one is all thud. Because of the weight and material of this toy, it provides a really solid hit. While leather paddles and wooden canes will flex and leave welts, this metal toy works differently. There is zero flexibility to it, so the receiver of the hits will feel the force of the hit thrust their body forward. It won’t leave an instant welt, but it will build up and cause deep bruising over time.

The Hex Nut Impact Stick has a similar feel to being punched, which won’t sound fun to some masochists, but hear me out. I’m a heavy masochist and enjoy all kinds of impact play, but thuddy toys have a special place in my heart. The pain from them is deep, gradual, and easier to take, in my opinion, than stingy types of pain. When dealing with higher-intensity play, stingy toys tend to make me tap out more quickly due to the nature of that kind of pain. A sting is sudden, sharp, and may take some recovery time. Thuddy toys like these are easier for me to work up with, going harder for longer periods of time, and getting bruises that slowly develop instead of instant gratification marks from, say, a stingy cane.

It doesn’t have to be intense, though! The Hex Nut Impact Stick is definitely something I’d recommend to someone who knows they like pain, but it’s also easily controlled by the top party so you can slowly work up to your comfort level.

Raven Hawk Toys has a huge array of toys for anyone interested in impact play. If the Hex Nut Impact Stick doesn’t sound like your thing, consider looking at other options they offer. However, I strongly encourage you try this bad boy out for yourself, because it’s everything I could ever want in a thuddy toy.

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  1. Thanks for another great review. I love the look of this toy and although it’s not really my thing I think my Daddy would love it as they are big into thuddy pain. Will be showing them next time we speak.

  2. You can go to Home Depot and make your own for less than $10. And you won’t have to pay shipping.

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