Review: Agreeable Agony Leather Jack

Back in October, I got a little tour of the Agreeable Agony workshop while visiting a partner in Massachusetts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen more rope in one place before. There were cases of candles for wax play packed and ready for vending. Loads of pre-made leather toys hung from a rack in various color combinations. The sheer amount of inventory prepped for selling was incredible. I was so impressed by it all that I decided to treat myself to a new toy. My experiences with Agreeable Agony had been very positive so far. Previously, I had reviewed one of their petal slappers and let a friend break in his custom dragon tail on me, which was awesome. I decided to go for something a little different and finally settled on one of their pre-made leather jacks.


Agreeable Agony’s jacks are essentially small leather bats that provide a very thuddy hit. This “bat” is made in one of two ways:

  1. A sheet of leather is rolled tightly to create a solid body that has some slight flexibility, but not much.
  2. A sheet of leather is wrapped around a rubber core, which lessens the flexibility and adds some weight to the final product.
Photo Provided by Agreeable Agony

The regular sized jacks are 14 inches long, but a larger, 21-inch “big boi” version is available on their website if you’re looking for something larger.

I have a preference for thuddier hits, so I opted for the regular size with a rubber core, which is firmer and provides a deeper sensation than more stingy surface hits.

The color options were pretty varied. There were a lot of interesting combinations, all with different designs on the handles. Agreeable Agony experiments with a lot of handle styles, which include braiding and weaving patterns in the leather. Of course, you can customize orders with a specific style–but for this trip I wanted a simple, pre-made toy I could take home that day.

I settled on a teal and silver leather jack with a rubber core. The teal is a gorgeous color and the silver accent is metallic and adds a bit of flair to the piece. The handle on mine is almost a checkerboard pattern, with the teal and silver woven together. The jacks even came with a braided leather hanging strap, which is a big plus for me, as someone who likes to keep toys on display.


The leather jack works like a dream. It was one of the “thuddier” toys I first invested in and it helped me realize how much more I prefer thuddy style toys over “stingy” ones. I have exclusively used this on my ass, though it is suitable for breast impact and such. (Obviously, just be sure to use extreme care if you’re hitting anywhere near internal organs.)

The jack is comfortable to hold and hit with. The handle is well constructed and large enough to find the perfect hand position to beat someone without causing yourself any discomfort.

The design of the jacks (especially the ones with the rubber core) makes them deep-impact toys. In my experience, hits often travel through my body and jerk me forward. They’re strong hits, but don’t cause the stingy, surface-level pain that makes me tap out of the scene more quickly. Because of this, I can play with the leather jack for as long as my partner can–which is a dangerous thing in itself.

Custom Orders

Agreeable Agony does make custom orders, even though they have many pre-made models available at vending events. Their color selection is massive and you can request specific handle patterns if you have your heart set on a certain design. If you want to make the custom jack of your dreams (and possibly your partner’s nightmares), you may do so on their website.

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