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The Liberator Throw is an iconic sex blanket that is meant to protect your bedding from messy sex or masturbation. I’ve been blogging about sex and reviewing sex toys for almost a decade now and for much of that time, I have heard the Liberator Throw be recommended by countless fellow bloggers who deal with constant laundry when testing toys.

After reading about Kat Stark’s absolute devotion to the Liberator Throw in their book, Yelling in Pasties, I decided I needed to try one for myself. Liberator came to the rescue and actually provided both of their Throws for me to test and review.


Liberator actually makes two versions of their Throw: the Lush Fascinator Throw and the Fascinator Throw. The two are very similar, but do have one difference. The Lush Fascinator Throw has micro-velvet on both sides (though I wouldn’t say it feels anything like velvet) and the Fascinator Throw has the micro-velvet on one side while the other side is a satin material.

Which one you’d prefer depends entirely on your material preferences, as they both have some major design issues if you intend to use these for squirting.

Design Issues

I’ve always heard the Liberator Throw discussed in the context of squirting. As someone who has been known to soak my sheets in the midst of a passionate solo session, this was my main motivation for wanting a Throw of my own. However, I immediately regretted my decision to use it for this reason.

Both the Lush and Fascinator have the same issue when it comes to being used as a way to keep bedding dry from squirting: they’re hydrophobic. Instead of being super absorbent as a means to keep the layers beneath it dry, the Liberator Throws act more like a tarp. They repel liquid and do not absorb it in the least. This is a huge design flaw, in my opinion. When you have a sheet of fabric that is essentially “collecting” liquid on top rather than absorbing it, the liquid tends to get out of control. When you’re dealing with an uneven surface that dips with your body like a bed does, this situation can quickly become disastrous with a hydrophobic material.

My first experience using the Liberator Throw not only soaked me, my sheets, and my blankets, but also pooled a collection of liquid on my bedroom floor when I got out of bed. Needless to say, I was not impressed! I have since retired from my use of the Liberator Throw for squirting purposes.

Recommended Uses

So if you don’t want to use the Liberator Throw for squirting, what do you use it for? I have, in fact, found several uses for this product that don’t leave me a wet, disappointed mess.

  • General sex mess. If you’re not an excessive squirter, the Liberator Throw makes a great layer to cover your bedding before sex to avoid lube, semen, menstrual blood, or other bodily fluids from coming in contact with your bed.
  • Free-bleeding. If you are someone who wants to avoid the chemicals of menstrual products, especially while sleeping, I’ve found the Liberator Throw to be an amazing resource for those who practice free-bleeding in their home. I personally use the Throw over my bedding on nights where I want to sleep naked on my period. It’s very simple to toss the Throw in the wash each day to have it ready for the next night. Not a drop of blood has soaked through to my sheets, which makes my laundry situation a lot easier to manage.
  • Non-sexual uses. Other uses for the Throw include non-sexual situations where a waterproof barrier is helpful without sacrificing comfort. It’s great for things like picnics, beach days, and pets.


I was very disappointed with the hydrophobic material of the Liberator Throws. For products that were always talked up as being perfect for squirters, I found these essentially useless for that purpose. While these are useful for general sex mess, period sex/sleeping, and various non-sexual uses, it just wasn’t what I was looking for. Until I find the super absorbent, waterproof sex blanket of my dreams, I’ll have to keep on top of my constant laundry situation. The search continues…

The Liberator Lush and Fascinator Throws were provided to me by Liberator in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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  1. I am also someone who tends to squirt during solo and partner play and had the same problem in the beginning with my liberator throw. Almost like it has scotch guard on it…but after washing it a few times I no longer have that problem. Maybe try it again now. I also tend to melt into a pool of bliss after a good session and can’t move for several minutes, maybe this gives in a minute to absorb and not just sit on top.

  2. I totally agree with the fact that after mine was washed with detergent only the liquid does not stay on top. My throw barely feels damp when I squirt.

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