Review: CalExotics Lock-N-Play Vibrating Panty Teaser

Technology is a wonderful thing that continues to improve the lives of countless people each day. It allows us access to vital information on demand, makes life more accessible and manageable for people with physical or mental disabilities, and has provided the world with means of entertainment that would never have been thought of fifty years ago. The sex toy industry is no stranger to the use of technological advances. In fact, one of the most popular uses of technology in sex toys is the classic remote-controlled vibrator. While older models were not exactly subtle and usually lacking in power, newer versions of this concept are hitting the market and promising better results. CalExotics has produced a line of remote-controlled toys that intrigued me, so I decided to try out their Lock-N-Play Vibrating Panty Teaser and see if it worked better than other remote-controlled toys I’ve tried in the past.  


When most people think about remote-controlled sex toys, they picture the classic remote-controlled bullet. While CalExotics does make some toys worth buying, they’re not a favorite of mine. What attracted me to this particular toy by them was the wristband remote.

The remote control for this panty teaser is a silicone wristband that resembles a FitBit or smartwatch at first glance. It’s far more subtle than having to use an actual remote at the table at a nice restaurant, which makes for more exciting public play. However, the same panty teaser is also available in a classic remote-style control if the wristband is not your style.

The panty teaser itself is much smaller than I imagined. The whole thing measures in at 3.75″ x 1″, which poses a problem I’ll get into later. It’s made of extremely soft, silky silicone, which is seamless and very comfortable. On the teaser, there is a raised nub with ridges to stimulate the clitoris while laying flat in a pair of panties.


The Lock-N-Play Vibrating Panty Teaser is pretty simple to use, but could be improved in a few areas. Hold down the power button on the panty teaser and press the power button on the wristband to begin. The power button on the teaser itself can also be used to switch settings once it’s on, but due to the nature of this toy being used in a pair of panties, controlling it from the teaser itself is not ideal. 

The wristband, instead, has a power button and a settings button. You can easily cycle through the 12 patterns and intensities using the settings button, but you won’t know which setting it is on at any point unless you’re meticulously keeping track in your head. Thankfully, most of them are powerful.

I do like that the wristband user can use the power button to turn off the vibrations and then easily turn it back on and continue on the same setting it left off on. This, combined with the fact that you don’t need to touch the panty teaser to continue with play once you turn it off with the remote, makes for some very interesting teasing.


My biggest issue with remote-controlled toys is usually the connection. Toys like the WeVibe Sync or Jive tend to not work well with plus-size people, as the Bluetooth connection doesn’t penetrate through flesh very well. While that was not really an issue I experienced, I did have some issues with the size of the panty teaser. 

The teaser fits into a pair of panties with the help of two magnetic wings on each side of it. Much like a pad, the wings wrap around the panties to keep it firmly in place. However, since the teaser itself is only an inch wide, I had some trouble getting it to fit in the majority of my panties. While I am a plus-size person, I believe most people would have trouble with the width of this toy unless they were wearing a thong-style panty. There was so little room to wrap around the crotch of a pair of panties that this toy was actually really difficult to get to stay in place. This made what would have been a very enjoyable toy almost unusable to me.

That being said, I now have my eye on the bullet-version of this toy. Instead of being a panty-teaser, it’s an insertable bullet with the same style wristband remote.

Care & Cleaning

The Lock-N-Play Vibrating Panty Teaser comes with a dual charger so both the vibrator and remote wristband can be charged at the same time. While both are waterproof, it doesn’t make much sense to use this toy in the bath or shower but could bring a little more excitement to swimming in a pool.

Cleaning isn’t too difficult because it is made of 100% silicone. If you’re not sharing this toy with another person you can simply wash it with soap and water, taking some extra time to make sure all the ridges on the surface of the panty teaser are cleaned off. For sanitizing between partners (or for a deeper clean) you can soak the panty teaser in a 10% bleach solution, then wash by hand. 


I was torn on this toy. I wanted to love it because it:

  • is made of a great material that feels lovely
  • has some very strong vibrations you don’t often get with remote toys
  • has a decent range and works with plus-size folks
  • has a super discreet wristband remote control.

However, the size of the toy itself posed a big problem to me as someone who does not wear tiny thongs. If the crotch of your panties is more than an inch wide, this toy is a real pain to get to stay in place. Of all the things to disappoint me about a remote-controlled toy, this is not the one I expected. Will I ever find the perfect remote-controlled toy of my dreams? Stay tuned for my review of the bullet-version of this toy. Hopefully the idea of a functional remote-controlled toy isn’t some big pipedream of mine.

The Lock-N-Play Vibrating Panty Teaser was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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