Review: CalExotics Marvelous Bunny

While shopping at Oh My! in Northampton, MA, my boyfriend picked up the models on display for Cal Exotic’s Mini Marvels. He cycled through a few settings on each toy, running his finger over them for an idea of what it would feel like. He called me over to get my opinion on one of them. I own hundreds of sex toys, but I had never tried a Cal Exotics toy, so I didn’t know much about the brand’s reputation. I held the Marvelous Bunny he handed me and ran my fingers along the two flexible “ears” and very quickly nodded in approval.

Being a transgender male who isn’t into penetration, my boyfriend has specific tastes in toys that work for him. I, on the other hand (a cis female) have a wider range of options. However, I prefer clitoral toys with a higher-intensity vibration than most people. My boyfriend prefers lower to moderate settings. The Mini Marvels Marvelous Bunny is a toy that works really well for us both. Let’s just say he’s lucky we live together–otherwise I might have stolen this one from him all for myself!


The packaging of the Mini Marvels collection is super cute! Each model features a different comic book-inspired girl on the box, with a clear window to see the toy.

The front of the box opens from a magnetic closure to reveal information about the travel lock (see “features” section) and a brief note from the Cal Exotics founder. On the back of the box, there’s a list of the toy’s wonderful features in five languages.


Design Features

  • Smooth Silicone: Made of pure silicone, the Marvelous Bunny is 100% body-safe. Silicone is very smooth to the touch and the ears are even flexible to fit perfectly around you. Silicone is also really easy to clean! You can wash normally by hand with soap and water or soak in a 5-10% bleach solution to sterilize. (Remember, don’t boil toys with a motor!)
  • Powerful: As a self-identified power queen, this small (but mighty) toy gets my approval. Very few small external vibrators work well for me (I’m used to powerful wand vibrators) but this one does a really good job. It has varied levels of intensities that work for both me (who jumps into the highest setting) and my boyfriend (who likes to start very low and build up to moderate-high settings).
  • Dual Motors: Each “ear” has its own motor, so both deliver powerful vibrations to your body. The flexible ears allow you to fit the toy around your clit for the best sensation. Try squeezing the ears together a bit while it’s on your body for an even more intense feeling! It’s great for edging your partner, too.
The charging port is the small hole on the bottom of the toy. Don’t worry, it has a waterproof seal!
  • Waterproof: Because it’s waterproof, you can take it into the bath or shower with you! You also don’t have to worry about getting it wet if you happen to squirt during use (which definitely might happen, just saying).
  • Rechargeable: The Marvelous Bunny comes with a USB cord that plugs into the bottom of the toy. Simply use a USB port on your computer or an outlet adapted (not included) to charge it up in between sessions.
  • Travel-Friendly: Because of the compact size, the Marvelous Bunny is an excellent travel buddy! It’s small enough to fit into any purse or carry-on and features a travel lock, so it won’t accidentally turn on during transit and cause an awkward encounter with the TSA (no matter how kinky you are, nobody wants that particular cavity search). Just hold the button down for five seconds to unlock and you’re good to go!
  • Discreet: The vibrations on this toy aren’t weak, but the noise from it is minimal. If you share a living space with other people, this is a big plus. The toy may be quiet–you, however, might not be!


The Marvelous Bunny has ten unique settings that you can cycle through using the bottom button on the toy.

  1. Low
  2. Medium
  3. High
  4. Rolling vibrations
  5. Fast rolling vibrations
  6. Pulsing
  7. Quick pulsing
  8. Fast pulsing, then one steady
  9. Escalating vibrations
  10. Two medium-length vibrations, one long

Run Time (High): 30 minutes
Run Time (Low): 3 hours
Complete Charge Time: 2.5 hours

Final Thoughts

I had one minor issue with the Marvelous Bunny. During use, I found that I sometimes accidently hit the bottom button, which would change up the setting and throw me off. This is likely a user error, since I’m used to using wand vibrators that are much bigger (and thus harder to accidently hit buttons), but I felt I should mention this downside. My boyfriend, on the other hand, does not have this problem. Still, I almost wish there was a way to lock in the setting the same way the travel lock works to avoid accidentally hitting the buttons during use.

That being said, I’d recommend the Marvelous Bunny in a heartbeat to anyone looking for a safe, strong clitoral vibrator. Whether you’re looking for a quality first-time vibrator or you have lots of experience with sex toys already, the Marvelous Bunny is perfect for everyone. I’m really thankful my boyfriend found this amazing toy and I look forward to trying out more of what Cal Exotics has to offer. We may even give another toy from the Mini Marvels series a try! For now, however, I’m very content with fighting over our Marvelous Bunny.

xx SF

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