Review: Strange Bedfellas Medium Tyv

Back in the fall, I was blessed with the opportunity to get my hands on a custom creation by Strange Bedfellas. I had seen their products on Twitter and became obsessed with their vivid coloring and highly textured fantasy designs. Specifically, I fell in love with their model called Tyv. Tyv is a furry fantasy creature made up by the folks at Strange Bedfellas that has a nice knot towards the base. He is described in their Etsy listing:

“Tyv is a big furry chimera fella who loves getting to know new people! He’s a shapeshifter who always tries to accommodate a potential partner’s needs. He enjoys reading books and curling up with a friend or loved on on a cold winter day in front of a warm fire. This cuddly boy is always ready to make new friends!”


After seeing some toys on Strange Bedfellas’ Twitter account in this lime green/orange/pink gradient, I requested something like that in my custom creation. I wanted something unique to my collection that popped out in a sea of flesh-colored dongs, and I certainly got it! The coloring is fantastic and I love the overall appearance of my Tyv.

I got the Tyv in a medium size and density. It has a defined head and a fat shaft with a gill-like texture towards the top. Its knot is big, round, and firmer than the rest of it. Below the knot there is a thin “neck” to the toy before widening at the base, which has a furry texture to it to give it some character.

When it comes to the actual shape of Tyv’s design, I have only one complaint–but I’ll get into that in the next section. The texture of this toy looks and feels amazing. It’s defined enough to give a unique sensation, but isn’t overly bumpy or awkward. That being said, I would love this design so much more if the silicone density worked for me.

Silicone Density

When I made my custom order for Tyv, I specified that I wanted the medium size in a firm silicone, because firm toys have always worked better for me. Strange Bedfellas notified me up-front that because of the particular mold Tyv uses, a firm silicone wasn’t an option. Instead, I opted for their medium-density silicone, thinking nothing of it.

Unfortunately, their medium-density silicone just doesn’t work for me. It’s definitely softer than what I’d classify as “medium,” but then again I am used to mostly firm (or dual density) toys. The squishy feel of it is really nice in my hand, but doesn’t work as a peneratable toy for my body. In fact, because of the slim “neck” feature of this toy–designed to help keep the knot in–it’s quite floppy. Being a plus-size person makes penetration very difficult with toys on the softer end of the scale, and using Tyv on my own just isn’t practical.

With some water-based lube and a partner to take control, I was able to enjoy Tyv just fine, but knowing I can’t really use it on my own without a lot of work is disappointing to me. It looks and feels amazing, but is far too squishy and floppy for me to enjoy as much as I’d like.

That being said, if you like plushy toys and don’t have the same limitations with penetration due to density, it’s a really nice piece. I definitely see the benefit of having that slim neck before the base to keep the big knot inside, but it does make things more difficult when you’re trying to push a thick, heavy dildo into a tight space with a thin, floppy neck at the base.


Because Tyv is made of silicone, it’s super easy to clean. A simple hand-wash with soap and water is sufficient for solo play. If multiple people are using Tyv or if it’s going from anal to vaginal penetration, be sure to sanitize it in one of the following ways:

  • Boiling for five minutes
  • 10% bleach solution soak
  • Top rack of the dishwasher on “sanitize”


Tyv has a great appearance and is just one of the many amazing products Strange Bedfellas has to offer, but it does have some flaws. If you’re down with squishy toys, this one’s for you! Unfortunately, if you prefer your toys on the firmer side, this model may not be the best fit for you.

While this particular toy wasn’t for me, I really appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it. The shape and actual design of Tyv is great and one I’d love if only it were possible to be made in a firm silicone. Its vivid colors and detailed mold still make me love this piece as the work of art it is, even if it doesn’t get much use.

I wanted to love this toy, but it simply doesn’t work for my solo use. If you like the look of Tyv but prefer firmer toys like me, try checking out some of the other models Strange Bedfellas has to offer that may be available in a firmer density silicone!

Tyv was provided to me by Strange Bedfellas in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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