Review: Nu Sensuelle Mini Vibrating Butt Plug

The first remote-controlled toy I ever had success with was a wireless bullet by Nu Sensuelle. I hadn’t heard much about the company but I liked my little bullet, as simple as it was. Years later, I saw that the same company had come out with a line of anal plugs and Peepshow Toys offered to send me one of the Sensuelle mini vibrating plugs to review. I hopped on board to try it out.


The Sensuelle mini vibrating butt plug has everything I like in an anal toy. It has a tapered tip and is completely smooth down to the base, which flares out to fit perfectly in between your cheeks. While some plugs have circular bases that tend to pop out more for me, this one stayed in place really well. Even when put through the test of using vaginal toys at the same time and having several orgasms, this plug did not budge.

With a completely smooth texture, it’s not the most impressive or exciting, but it’s simplistic in a way that beginners to anal play will appreciate. I personally prefer my anal toys to be smooth, seamless, and on the small side. At just over an inch on the widest insertable part of the plug, it’s a pretty decent size for beginners or moderate anal play. I’d highly recommend this as a first or second plug for folks who want to start using anal toys or try anal training to accomodate for larger toys down the line.


The Sensuelle mini butt plug has 15 functions, including several speeds and patterns. Since I only use toys on steady settings, I didn’t experience much of the patterned ones until I accidentally pressed the button during a mastubation session and didn’t have the patience to try to fumble with it. This really is my only complaint about the toy because it is very easy to hit that button by mistake while in use. I had hoped that this toy, like the bullet I had from this company, would have a remote control but sadly, it does not. They do, however, make a version with a remote.

This vibrating plug is rechargeable, which is really nice and something I look for in all vibrating toys at this point. It comes with a USB charger which can be used on its own or with an AC adapter. Charging will take about two hours from a dead battery and last anywhere from a half hour to an hour. I find that this is usually more than enough time for me to just pop it on the charger in between uses.

The Sensuelle mini butt plug is also completely submersible so you can take it in the bath or shower, if that’s something you’re into. The charging cord connects magnetically, so there’s no risk of water getting into the motor and causing issues.

Safety & Cleaning

Since the plug itself is silicone, I consider this toy to be body-safe. That being said, it is actually a sleeve around a ABS (non-porous) plastic bullet. It’s possible the bullet can be removed for cleaning but in my experience, it was difficult to get all the way out and I was unable to completely remove it.

This poses a problem if you’re going to be sharing the Sensuelle mini butt plug at all. In that case, I recommend using a condom over the plug. If using this toy solo, soap and water are all you need to clean it. Do not attempt to sanitize this toy by boiling if the bullet is still encased in the silicone sleeve.

Also, you’re going to want to get some water-based lubricant for this toy, as silicone lube can damage the structural integrity of the silicone sleeve.


One of the biggest things that kept coming to mind while I used the Sensuelle mini plug was that I wish it had a remote control like the vibrating bullet I own from them. It’s just so convenient and is much easier than trying to press a button while it’s inside me or accidentally pressing a button during play. Then I found out that Nu Sensuelle basically makes the exact same plug with a remote control. So, if you’re interested in this toy but want the ease of a remote control, I highly suggest springing the extra money for this feature because that really was my only complaint. All around, it’s a solid anal plug for someone who doesn’t need a ton of texture or girth.

The Sensuelle Mini Plug was provided to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review.

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