Review: Blush Neo Elite 7″

I have been a big fan of Blush for a while now. They’re my go-to brand to recommend when someone needs a body-safe toy at an affordable price. With their popular Avant line and a bullet that might even compare to the Tango for under $35, there’s a lot to love about what they offer. That being said, their new dual-density Neo Elite line opens up a whole new world for folks who want “luxury” toys on a budget.

The toy I chose to try out from this new line is the Neo Elite 7”. However, they also have a 6” and 7.5” version, with and without balls, to easily find one that fits your preferences.


If you’ve never had a dual-density toy before, you are truly missing out. While I’ve always highly recommended them, dual-density toys often come with a hefty price tag. For this reason alone, I’ve been reluctant to recommend them as first-time investments until folks get a better understanding of what they’re looking for in a dildo. However, at Blush’s affordability, you can absolutely dive into dual-density and ruin yourself for all other dildos without ruining your savings account.

So what is dual-density?

Dual-density toys are special because they have two layers of different kinds of silicone. The inner layer is firm, while the outer is softer to mimic the texture of real skin. This means you’re able to get that comfortable plush feeling without making your entire dildo floppy and hard to use.

The Neo Elite 7” is extremely lifelike for its price tag. The balls, if you choose one with balls, are highly textured to look real and are made of the softer silicone. The Neo Elite 7” also has a nice, slight curve to the shaft, and a realistic head. It has a bit of squish and flexibility, but it doesn’t have the issue of trying to fuck yourself with a floppy dick.

Because of the realistic texture and size, I also find the Neo Elite 7” to be a fantastic dildo for those looking for something to practice oral sex on. It even has a suction cup to attach to a wall or flat surface to suck or ride if you wish. The suction cup isn’t the best I’ve ever seen, but it is decent. It’s made with a much firmer silicone than the dildo itself.


Cleaning is easy, despite the tiny texture details of the head and balls. Silicone cleans like a dream and all you really need is a simple, unscented antibacterial soap and some warm water. Clean by hand or, for a deeper clean, sanitize in a 10% bleach solution, boil for ten minutes, or throw in the top rack of your dishwasher on “sanitize.” Normal hand-washing works fine, but the deeper clean options are a must if you’re going from anal to vaginal use or sharing with a partner.

Use only water-based lubricant with this toy, as using a silicone lube on silicone toys can make them swell. I suggest Sliquid H2O for vaginal use or Sliquid Sassy for anal use.

You can store the Neo Elite 7” with other body-safe toys in any kind of container or drawer. It does not come with a toy pouch, so if you store it on its own you may just want to rinse off any dust or pet hair before each use, as it is a little tacky and will pick up debris.


The Neo Elite 7” is a fantastic toy that I will be recommending to my readers a lot. It’s dual-density, body-safe, anal safe, harness compatible, and easy to clean. Even at “luxury” prices, I’d consider it a good toy, but with Blush’s low cost, it’s a steal. I don’t know of any other company that makes dual-density toys at this price point, especially at this quality. Do yourself a favor and snag one of the toys from the Neo Elite line if you have not yet tried dual-density. You won’t regret it!

The Neo Elite 7” was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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  1. Hey there, this is a pretty good review, but I’m kinda curious how it feels in use. Does it hit any of the internal spots (A or G)? Is it filling? That downward curve looks like a thing to contend with, was that a problem at all?

    1. I don’t generally work my g-spot but I feel like if you use it upside-down it would stimulate that pretty well. It’s definitely filling, and I tend to enjoy toys on the girthier side. The curve was not a problem for me because it’s fairly flexible so worked with my body when used internally. 🙂

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