Review: OhMiBod Esca 2


The OhMiBod Esca 2 is a bulbous purple vibrator that has a long removal cord. The power button is located at the end of the removal cord for easy access during wear. The end of the cord also has an LED light that syncs with vibration, which can be turned off for more discreet play. 


The Esca 2 is a remote-controlled vibrator that has multiple ways to play solo or with a partner–either locally or remotely from anywhere in the world. It is body-safe, waterproof, fully rechargeable, and has a bunch of settings to really fine-tune your experience.

The OhMiBod Esca 2 pairs with an app that allows you to make a profile and add partners who have made their own to control your toy from anywhere. It also has chat options directly in the app for communication while paired, which is nice. It can make for a really interesting date or just a fun way to pass some time at home.


The Esca 2 has four different categories of controls.

Rhythm: The rhythm control lets you choose from premade patterns that all have different speeds and intensities. This is good for solo play or for leaving the vibe running while the person controlling is busy with something else.

Tap: The tap feature consists of a button and circular slider for intensity (not speed, as the turtle and rabbit icons suggest). The person controlling the vibe can tap the button at any speed or pattern they’d like and the toy vibrates along in sync with the tapping.

Touch: The touch control is a four-square grid of various intensities. The person controlling the vibe can touch anywhere in the grid for a corresponding effect for the wearer. You can press and hold, moving your finger around for subtle changes in vibration, or tap different sections for sharp changes in rhythm.

Club Vibe: The Club Vibe control lets you set the Esca 2 to vibrate along with the music in the room. It syncs with music or voices so you can play along in tune with the noise around you.

Care & Cleaning

The OhMiBod Esca 2 can be cleaned easily with soap and water since it is fully waterproof and made of body-safe silicone. It is recommended to only use water-based lubricants with this product, however. If sharing between wearers, it is recommended that you soak the toy in a 10% bleach solution and then hand wash to sanitize the toy between users. The Esca 2 is for vaginal use only, as it is not anal safe.

Connection Problems

My body hates remote-controlled toys. This isn’t news to me and I keep trying to find “the one” but I’m constantly disappointed. The fact is, my body is larger than the average user, which makes the connection for these types of toys a real issue. The Bluetooth has a lot of problems with penetrating flesh, so these toys are not ideal for plus-size bodies like my own. 

I was able to get the Esca 2 to connect, but the connection to the app had to happen before insertion and it was only able to stay connected with my phone in my pocket while my partner controlled the vibrator from work. If I moved my phone away from my body or up by my head, the connection was lost. This has been the only ex

perience I had while the vibe was still paired with my phone. All in all, very frustrating on my end–but my partner sure enjoyed it. 


Once again, my body and Bluetooth don’t get along and I’m left wishing I could find an internal remote-controlled vibrator that actually works for me. What I was able to experience with the Esca 2 was nice, but the frustrations of getting it to work for my specific body were enough to make me not want to use it anymore. It’s a shame, really, because there is so much potential in a toy like this, but unfortunately technology hasn’t advanced far enough to let fat people experience the pleasure of Bluetooth-controlled toys. Maybe one day…

That being said, if you’re of a smaller build than myself, you’ll probably be able to enjoy this toy a lot more than I did. The actual motor is decent, it’s body-safe, and has all the bells and whistles to make its price tag worth it, so long as your body can accommodate the Bluetooth necessary to make it work as intended. My frustrations with this toy are not specific to this model or company, but to the limited capabilities of the technology to work with my body. Hopefully my readers will have more luck with the Esca 2 than I did.

The OhMiBod Esca 2 was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review.
All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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