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The Pillow Talk Feisty is a mountable thrusting vibrator by BMS Enterprises. The shaft is made of soft, textured, body-safe silicone, while the handle and protective cap are made of non-porous ABS plastic. Like the whole Pillow Talk line, the Feisty has a classy, clean look to it. The entire line features diamond tufted textures and Swarovski crystals. The Feisty also has a diamond texture to the shaft that makes for an interesting sensation during penetration.

I got my Feisty in teal, but it’s also available in a pretty pink.


The Pillow Talk Feisty has 2 different speeds and 3 patterned settings, for a total of 5 functions. Like with most toys, I personally skip to the most powerful of the steady settings. However, if you like some variation in your play, the 3 patterns let you mix things up a bit. 

Feisty has two control buttons on the base of the handle: one for power and one for cycling through the speed/patterns. It’s pretty easy to control during use and because there are only 5 settings, circling back after passing one isn’t the pain it is with toys that have 10+ patterns.


The Pillow Talk Feisty comes with a few accessories and a storage bag to keep them all together. The Feisty itself has a protective plastic cover for storage, which is actually really useful. The cap keeps dust, dirt, and pet hair off the soft, squishy silicone, which is a natural lint-magnet. The cap also makes Feisty easy to travel with! In addition to the cover, the Pillow Talk Feisty has a travel lock feature built into it. Simply press the power button three times, quickly, to activate the travel lock and again three times to turn it off.

Feisty comes with an adjustable plastic mount that has a suction cup base and locking function. In my testing of this product, I consistently had bad luck when placing the mount. The durability of the suction cup very much depends on the surface you’re trying to stick it to, as well as the moisture level. For more porous surfaces like wood floors or walls, the Feisty’s mount did not hold up well. It did, however, perform better when moistened and placed on a non-porous surface like shower tile or a mirror. However, given the fact that the Feisty isn’t waterproof, I don’t recommend playing with it in the tub or shower.

A USB charger is also included in your box, so you don’t have to worry about replacing batteries. The toys in the Pillow Talk line actually have a tag on the chargers with a photo of the toy as well as the name for ease of identification. While this may not be important to someone who owns only a few toys, it’s very helpful for someone such as myself, who has to dig through 100 USB plugs to find the right one when charging a toy.

Feisty also comes with a small plastic cleaning brush, which is good for getting into tight spots, but isn’t really necessary to properly clean and maintain the Feisty. All of the accessories fit nicely into the included satin pouch for storage, which is white and labeled “Pillow Talk.”

My Experience

The Pillow Talk Feisty wasn’t the perfect match for me, but it’s still a fun toy. As a plus size person, it felt a little awkward to hold during use due to the size of the toy. I found that having a partner use this toy on me was more enjoyable than trying to do it myself. I also tried the included mount several times to no real success, as any movement on the base made it pop off the wall. I found the mount, frankly, more trouble than it was worth, which is disappointing when you have a mountable thrusting vibrator because most people invest in these toys as a sort of cheaper alternative to fucking machines. You can still use it by hand but it’s nowhere near as comfortable as it would be if the mount had worked properly.

If you plan on using the Feisty in partnered play, I highly recommend it. My partner was able to find angles that worked for the Feisty that I couldn’t get on my own and it really was a fun time. The fact that it thrusts is great for folks who may not have the mobility to thrust toys into their partner. Simply holding the Feisty in the right place can feel incredible, as it does all the thrusting work for you.

As for the feel of the toy itself, I really liked the diamond texture on the shaft. The silicone that makes up the Feisty is extremely soft, squishy, and comfortable during use. The texture adds a lot of sensation to your play and feels incredible if you rotate it during penetration.

Cleaning & Maintenance

The Pillow Talk Feisty is made of silicone, which is completely body-safe and easy to clean. Some warm water and antibacterial soap is all you need to wash your Feisty. Keep in mind that because of the charging port, Feisty is NOT waterproof and should be washed carefully to ensure no water gets inside the motor. I wouldn’t even classify this toy as splashproof, so it’s best to wash only the silicone part of the toy and keep the other end away from water.

As I mentioned in the above section, the Feisty does come with a cleaning brush. It’s very small and doesn’t do a whole lot for the penetrable part of the toy but it is good for gently brushing out the silver threading where the protective cap sits if any fluids get caught in there.

When using lube, I recommend you stick to water-based lubricants, as silicone-based lubes can degrade the structural integrity of the silicone. 


While I think the Pillow Talk Feisty brings a lot of fun to your play, it can be frustrating if your main intention is to use this toy on the included mount. I was disappointed in how easily the suction cup came off of surfaces but I did very much enjoy the Feisty with a partner. What you get out of this product is really up to how you use it. If you’re looking for a cheap fucking machine alternative, this might not be the right investment for you. However, if you’re looking for a handheld thrusting vibrator, the Feisty’s squishy silicone is a super comfortable option that feels great and travels like a dream.

You also might want to check out the Pillow Talk Sassy, which is a g-spot vibrator in the same line that I absolutely loved!

The Pillow Talk Feisty was provided to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for my unbiased review.

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  1. Attractive design. I especially liked that there is a protective cap that allows you to take the toy on a trip without any extra hassle. And of course, I liked the protection mode against accidental activation. No need to blush to explain that it is buzzing in my purse😂

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