Review: RoomFun Silicone Restraints Kit

Silicone is known to be one of the best sex toy materials we have available, but did you know it’s also a useful material for kink gear? Silicone has the non-porous structure that makes it a great option for an internal toy because it’s easy to clean and doesn’t harbor bacteria. These same properties make it a fantastic choice of material for a bondage set that is effective as well as vegan-friendly. The RoomFun Silicone Restraints Set is a prime example of how to use silicone in bondage gear.


Before I get into the appearance and functionality of the actual product, I do have some comments about the packaging of this particular set. I was fully aware that this was not an American-made product when I agreed to do this review, but the packaging would give me pause if I were looking to purchase this set in person. The box I received has a number of translation and formatting issues, which don’t actually affect the quality of the product itself, but it definitely lowered my expectations of what would be inside. 

To start, the name of the product, according to the box, is “Silica Gel Handcuffs Suit.” While a silica gel packet was included in the box for moisture control, the company has seemingly confused “silica gel” with the actual product material, silicone.

The material of the cuff set itself does appear to be legitimate silicone. The cuffs are soft, non-porous, and velvety smooth. I opted not to do a flame test on this material to prove it is real silicone because it’s an external toy and doesn’t pose the same health risks as a dildo or vibrator would. Regardless, I’m pretty certain the cuffs are all made of genuine silicone and the box is merely a translation issue.


There are several items included in this restraints set: a pair of wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, two connector clips, a silicone bit gag, and a chain leash with a silicone handle. The metal components of the set are a gold color and the silicone itself is black. 

The cuffs in this set are very attractive. I’ve actually been in the market for a nice thin cuff set and the RoomFun Silicone Restraints Set has not disappointed me in that regard. They are comfortable to wear, even long-term, and look attractive. The connector clips have some noticeable tarnishing on the metal grommet, but otherwise the set is nice and shiny.


The cuffs are sturdy with just a tiny bit of stretch to them. They have held up well during use and I have zero complaints about the cuffs themselves. I was, however, disappointed to realize that the gag included in this set didn’t fit me properly. I am a plus size person but I was initially more worried that the cuffs themselves wouldn’t fit me. Thankfully the cuffs all fit just fine, but the gag isn’t easy for me to put on. I’m able to set the gag to the biggest notch and slip it over my head because the silicone stretches, but it’s a tight fit and not the most comfortable. If you have a large neck/head, the gag might pose an issue for you.

I love the look and feel of the cuffs themselves and very much enjoy wearing them around the house as a sort of symbolic collar, almost. They make me feel very submissive, which is exactly the reason I wanted a pair of cuffs I could wear long-term like these. The fact that they’re made of silicone means I can easily do service work like the dishes without worrying about them getting wet, as I would with leather cuffs.


Overall, I really enjoyed my RoomFun Silicone Restraints Set. Would I pay the list price of $150 USD for this bondage set? Probably not. However, the folks at RoomFun have given me a code to share with my readers who are interested in this product. The code ROOMFUN can be entered at checkout for a whopping 60% off the list price, knocking it down to a much more reasonable asking price for the quality of this set. If you’re interested in trying out some basic silicone bondage gear, this is a great place to start with a set that has wrist cuffs, ankle cuffs, connector links, a leash, and a bit gag all in one!

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