Review: Satifyer High Fashion

The Satisfyer High Fashion is a newer Satisfyer model that uses air-pulsing technology to stimulate the clitoris. It feels a lot like the sensations of oral sex and can be used underwater for added fun. Is this new model worth the higher price tag, though?


The Satisfyer High Fashion is a visual delight. It has a sleek, brushed aluminium body that definitely gives it that fashionable look. It looks like a high-quality toy before you even turn it on. The head is covered in soft silicone and the word Satisfyer is etched in the handle. 

The head of the Satisfyer High Fashion is a bit large for me. While it looks to be a similar size to the Satisfyer Pro 2 I had a lot more trouble getting the Satisfyer High Fashion to sit just right on my clit. Because it felt too large, I wasn’t getting the proper suction I wanted, leaving me frustrated at times. It took a lot of trial and error to get it to feel as intense as I wanted it to be due to the size of the head.

I also had a little bit of trouble holding the Satisfyer High Fashion compared to the ergonomic shape of the Satisfyer Pro 2. I missed that shape with this newer model, which tapers a bit towards the bottom and was sometimes difficult to hold onto during use.


The Satisfyer High Fashion features air-pulsing and vibration, which can be controlled separately. It is rechargeable via a USB magnetic charger, making it waterproof and safe for shower, bath, or pool use. Due to the nature of this toy, some users may find that it is actually more enjoyable to use underwater. If playing in the shower or tub isn’t your thing, try using it with a bit of water-based lube on the head. Lube can really help get the air-pulsing to feel just right on the clitoris.


The Satisfyer High Fashion has multiple intensities for the air pulsing feature as well as a multi-pattern vibrating feature on top of that. The air-pulsing settings are separate from the vibration settings, which is nice. The air-pulsing is controlled by an up and down button on the handle, which lets you easily choose the correct intensity for your needs. If you wish to add vibration to the mix, there is a single, separate button to control that.

I found that the vibrations were essentially useless for me. On the highest setting, I didn’t really feel any difference with the vibrations added to the air-pulsing. This may very well be a personal preference, but I found the vibrations to be disappointing and not at all necessary to the experience of using this toy. That being said, the single-button control was also frustrating to work with considering how easy it was to accidentally switch the vibration to a patterned setting, which I greatly dislike. The solid vibrations also did not add to my experience using this.

When compared to the Satisfyer Pro 2, I was less satisfied with this model. The High Fashion didn’t feel any more intense for me–in fact, due to that larger head making it difficult to get the suction just right, I found that the Satisfyer High Fashion was more difficult to work with than the Pro 2. I was still able to achieve orgasm with this model and it does give a great sensation, unlike other non air-pulsing toys. However, this was not my favorite of the Satisfyer line.

Care & Cleaning

While the Satisfyer Pro 2 had a removable head for cleaning purposes, the head of the Satisfyer High Fashion is fixed in place. It is waterproof, so cleaning isn’t a concern for the motor. However, the nature of this toy makes cleaning it a little tricky. Using warm water and an antibacterial soap, wash the head of the toy. I also like to get into the head itself with some Q-tips to make sure there’s no gunk down in the head.

Make sure you’re using only water-based lube with this toy, as silicone lubricant can damage the silicone head.

The Satisfyer High Fashion comes with a velvet storage pouch to keep it clean when not in use.


The Satisfyer High Fashion just didn’t do it for me. I was really excited about the sleek design and hopeful it would be even more powerful than past models, but I was quite disappointed. The actual design of the toy didn’t feel natural in my hand like other models have and I just wasn’t able to get as much suction from it due to the size of the opening on the head. If you’re looking for a solid air-pulsing sex toy, I say save your money and go for the much more affordable Satisfyer Pro 2 (TNG). It’s an updated version of the original Pro 2 and it’s pretty much perfect.

The Satisfyer High Fashion was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

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