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The majority of pressure wave toys I’ve tried have been from Satisfyer. They were one of the first companies to popularize this style of sex toy and for the most part, they do it well. I haven’t been a fan of every Satisfyer model, but I’ve also tried a lot of lesser known brands that offer this style and they always seem to fall short. The Satisfyer Pro 2 was a game-changer for me back when it hit the market. However, it’s a bit dated at this point. Today, lots of companies are using this stimulation style in their products, but I’ve been curious about the Satisfyer models that have recently been released. Thanks to the good folks at Betty’s Toy Box, I got the opportunity to try out one of the newest models they have, the Satisfyer Dual Love.

⚠️ I’d been looking forward to trying out the Dual Love, and even after several orgasms with it, I had a lot of positive feelings about this toy. However, I had a bad experience with it a week or so into using it that I’m still recovering from, almost two months later.


The Satisfyer Dual Love comes in two colors that stand out from the majority of the sex toy market: red and yellow. While most sex toys geared towards people with vulvas are pink or purple, I was happy to see that Satisfyer chose unconventional sex toy colors for this model.

Measuring in at just over 6”, the Dual Love is pretty compact–especially when you consider that it’s really two toys in one. It has a sleek shape with a thin coating of silicone and a metallic embellishment made of non-porous ABS plastic. 

The shape, at first glance, doesn’t excite me. While the opening at the end with the pressure wave stimulation is a good size and shape, the idea of using the handle internally doesn’t appeal to me much at all. The product page boasts of an “ergonomic shape for vaginal penetration,” but the shape of the handle is entirely straight. Most people with vaginas can attest that a rigid, straight vibrator isn’t always the most comfortable for vaginal penetration. A gentle curve on internal toys is usually the way to go. In fact, Satisfyer’s other new arrival, the Dual Pleasure, has the curve I wish the Dual Love had–though I do admittedly like the shape of the end with the pressure wave more on the Dual Love.

After actually having tried the Satisfyer Dual Love, I’ve decided that the shape doesn’t bother me only because it is so short. If I were able to go any deeper with the handle of this toy, I’d probably have an issue with how rigid it is, but it works well for me for direct clit stimulation or shallow vaginal penetration—or so I thought.

The Problem With the Dual Love

The issue arose a bit more than a week into using the Satisfyer Dual Love. I was enjoying it so far and getting a feel for both ends to write my review–fully expecting for it to be positive. However, this session ended on a painful note. I chalked the pain up to the fact that I hadn’t used lube with the internal handle and vowed never to do that again. But the next morning, I noticed blood. When I inspected the Dual Love in the morning, I saw that the metallic plastic casing on the pressure wave end was surprisingly sharp. It was especially prominent on one side, with a large enough gap between the silicone and plastic that I could fit my fingernail pretty deep in between. 

I’m not sure if this is an isolated incident or part of a larger issue, but the way I see how the metallic plastic piece connects to the silicone, the plastic–being as sharp as it is–is not safe to be used internally as intended. I was incredibly disappointed to find that this toy had injured me, but it turns out that I didn’t even know the extent of it at the time.


The Satisfyer Dual Love is a dual-use toy, but not a dual-stimulation toy since you can only use one at a time. The user has the option of using the pressure wave end on their clitoris, which provides stimulation that is akin to oral sex, or the vibrating handle can be inserted vaginally or used externally.

The Dual Love has three buttons on the back, which are pretty hard to distinguish, even in the light. If you press and hold the middle button, the Dual Love turns on to the lowest setting. If you press and hold the (~) button, the handle vibrations turn on.

 If you position the toy so the power symbol is right-side up, you’ll see it’s also the up button to cycle through patterns. The button below it goes back down the opposite way. That being said, I do not hold the toy facing this way at any point and I’m not sure why they positioned the buttons in this godawful way.

I’m really not a fan of the settings of the Dual Love. They’re clunky, aren’t distinct enough, and are positioned in the weirdest way. That being said, if cycling through 11 different settings to find the one you want sounds like fun, you can certainly make a game of it.

The Satisfyer App

Just to be clear, I’ve never had a completely smooth experience with a sex toy app. Not once. Connectivity issues are abundant when it comes to these Bluetooth sex toys and fat bodies. However, connectivity to the Dual Love wasn’t the issue so much as the app itself. It crashed repeatedly before I was able to open the app and explore some of the settings.


The program play, live (close range) control, and ambiance mode all worked just fine for me. However, the Satisfyer app crashed a number of times again while I tried to get the “music vibes” mode paired. The app was able to recognize my music library, but crashed 5 or 6 times before I was able to get a song to play through the playlist option.

The Satisfyer app was, to be frank, a disappointing experience. Perhaps if the app worked perfectly every time, the funky controls wouldn’t bother me as much. However, the mobile app was about as frustrating as the rest of my experience with this toy.

Care & Cleaning

The Dual Love is waterproof, so cleaning the toy is really easy. (However, if you have an experience like mine, you’ll be cleaning blood off the toy’s sharp, metallic edges as well!) Both ends of the toy can be washed in water with a bit of antibacterial soap and left out to dry before storing. (Check out my sex toy cleaning guide for more tips on how to keep your toys sanitized.)


The Satisfyer Dual Love is the kind of toy that was actually able to rekindle my love for air pressure toys…until it maimed me. I don’t normally have such terrible experiences with toys and I really had higher hopes for this model, but the design has some issues I can’t overlook for anyone. Even if you were to avoid using this toy internally, the sharp edge is close enough to the pressure wave end to pose a risk to the user’s labia. 

Let me save you nearly two months of no sex, two separate visits to an Urgent Care, and three different round of antibiotics and just advise you not get the Satisfyer Dual Love. I fully endorse the Satisfyer Pro 2 instead. It may be an older model, but it’s reliably good and doesn’t pose a risk for an internal laceration.

The Satisfyer Dual Love was sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for my unbiased review.

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