Review: Satisfyer Pro 2

After months of pining after the more expensive Womanizer, I saw a review of the Satisfyer Pro 2 on my Tumblr dash and decided to add it to my wishlist as an alternative. After a handful of my mutual followers started raving about theirs, I figured it had to be worth a try. I was not wrong.

My first impression out of the box was the convenient size of the Satisfyer Pro 2. It is very compact and extremely light, making it non-intimidating and easily accessible while its sleek, bronze design is elegant and inviting.

The toy charges quickly with the included magnetic USB charger, and once fully charged, the battery life lasts about two hours. Because the charger is magnetic, the toy is entirely waterproof and really fun to use in the shower or bath (the manual even boasts better use in water).

Never having tried a sucking-type toy, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I quickly learned that with a dab of water-based lube and a steady hand, the Satisfyer Pro 2 would bring a whole new sensation to my toy box. The gentle sucking, paired with the deep vibration, makes the experience simply incredibleespecially for those who enjoy the sensations of oral stimulation.

It took almost no time at all to edge and orgasm with this toy and, to be honest, the hardest part about using it was keeping still (for those who are accustomed to riding wands and moving around during play, you do have to kind of stick to the sweet spot with thi  s toy).

For someone like myself, who is used to using a Doxy wand during solo-play (which is stronger than the more well-known Hitachi Original Magic Wand), I was impressed with how easily I climaxed using this toy. I do prefer it on the higher settings but many people will find the lower ones to be more than enough for them.

The silicone head is removable for easy sterilizing and since the whole toy is waterproof, more frequent cleaning is a breeze. My only advice on maintenance is to be sure to avoid silicone or oil-based lubricants and clean the head after each use to prolong the life of your Satisfyer Pro 2.

Since the whole thing is waterproof, this quickly became my favourite bath toy. It works ever better, if possible, underwater than it does on a bed. Paired with a glass of wine and some sexy music, this toy has made bath-time into some of the most relaxing times I’ve had on a weekday night.

All in all, I found the Satisfyer Pro 2 to be an amazing toy for a very low price. If I ever do get my hands on the Womanizer, I’ll be sure to do a comparison review. However, for less than half the price and the ability to edge myself in seconds, I’m more than happy with my Satisfyer Pro 2!

xx SF

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  1. My wife adores it. Not our first toy in the bedroom but by far the one she has enjoyed the most. Not overly noisy but here are two tips; use a water based lube on that soft surface and the noise gets quieter when it’s centered on the clitoris. Best of all a great value in cost. To get it back to a slower speed quickly its easier to just shut it off then it restarts at the lowest mode.

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