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SXOhh is a new brand made in partnership with Nu Sensuelle, an established name in the sex toy industry. So far, SXOhh’s only product is a vibrator model called “Sixty,” but there is talk of more to come. Normally, I’m skeptical of new brands with only a single product on the market but in this case, I’m incredibly thankful that I gave them a try.


A little-known fact about me is that I’m not crazy about most internal vibrations. While this vibrator is 5” long, I would classify it as a bullet vibe due to the pointed tip and slender size. I exclusively use this toy externally, though there’s no reason why you couldn’t use it internally if that’s more pleasurable to you. Using it internally didn’t do much for me at all, but vibrators rarely do. However, from the moment it touched my clitoris, I fell for it–hard and fast (and multiple times).

Sixty is made of silicone so it is body-safe, hypoallergenic, and compatible with water-based lubricants. It is also rechargeable, so batteries are a non-issue with this toy. The included USB charging cord can be used on its own or with an AC adapter to click on to the magnets at the base of Sixty. A two-hour charge to its lithium battery will last you about 40 minutes of play time. Regularly charging the toy every month or two will help protect the battery life, but I doubt I’ll ever have to remember to do that when it’s in constant use.

Due to the magnetic charging connection, this vibe is completely submersible. It is safe to use in shower, tubs, and pools–or wherever you want to take it, really. Its small size and convenient charging make Sixty the perfect travel buddy.


Sixty has two buttons on the base to control the settings, labeled with arrows going up/down. It doesn’t matter which way you hold it–whichever button you use to turn it on becomes the (+) button and the opposite one becomes (-). It takes a simple click of one to turn it on and a three-second hold of either button to turn it off. Sixty starts at the lowest setting, which is frankly higher than the high of most bullets I’ve come across in my years of reviewing toys. This toy is no joke. It packs a lot of power in its petite frame.

Sixty’s summary on the website includes the note that it is made of “rare earth magnets.” Whatever that is. While I found its description a little pompous and its names for the 20 different speeds and patterns very “over the top,” I can’t deny how much I love this toy. The seven different speed settings range from moderately high to POWER QUEEN STATUS so this isn’t a toy I’d recommend to someone who has sensitive genitals or someone looking for a first vibrator. That being said, I’d absolutely recommend it to someone who knows that they enjoy a good intense vibration and want something compact that doesn’t skimp on the power.

In addition to 7 steady speeds, Sixty also has 13 patterned vibrations. I’m a long-time supporter of not using a million patterns to try to sell your sex toys, but Sixty has some interesting ones. Because they’re all at a pretty high intensity, I was able to deal with a few of them during use, which is not something I normally do. Still, I prefer the high-intensity steady settings, but the patterned ones here weren’t too bad.

I am a power queen by every definition and this toy was super satisfying to use. I did not expect it to get me to orgasm as quick as it did–if at all, to be honest. However, it took merely seconds for this toy to get me going and, in keeping with the “sixty” brand, I did orgasm under a minute.

DISCLAIMER: While I was able to orgasm very quickly using this toy, the whole idea of branding a toy to make you orgasm in under a minute can be a harmful, so let me be clear: there is no guarantee that this toy will make you orgasm in any amount of time. All bodies are different and some take a long time to achieve orgasm and some rarely (or never) achieve orgasm, and that’s okay. This toy provides amazing sensations that can and do get some users off quickly, but please don’t read too much into this “60 seconds” idea. It is not a medical (nor magical) device and this is merely a marketing angle.

Similar Model

The Bobbii by Nu Sensuelle

I noticed that Peepshow Toys carries a toy call “Bobbii” by Nu Sensuelle, the partner company of SXOhh, that looks a lot like the Sixty. Upon seeing this, I e-mailed my contact at SXOhh to ask about the differences between the two models. He contacted the engineer behind both companies and came back with some information for those curious:

  • The motor of Sixty is unique to SXOhh. Sixty’s is significantly more powerful than the Nu Sensuelle Bobbii.
  • The Bobbii is flexible whereas Sixty is not. According to the engineer, “This structural integrity makes the product less likely to break.”
  • The Bobbii only has one control button but the Sixty has two.
  • The sizes are not the same (Sixty is larger).

Safety & Cleaning

Because it is made of silicone, Sixty can be washed with simple soap and water for solo use. I recommend a good foaming antibacterial hand soap with some warm running water. This toy should not be used for anal play (as it does not have a flared base), so sanitizing shouldn’t be necessary for that. When sharing with a non-fluid-bonded partner, I recommend using a condom over it to avoid the transmission of possible STIs.

This model does have ABS plastic on the rim of the base, but this is a non-porous material and should not pose a problem for solo use. While it is waterproof, you cannot boil this toy or put it in your dishwasher due to the internal motor and battery. Stick to a simple hand-wash for this one, folks!


Sixty may or may not count as an actual bullet vibrator, but I’m calling it one and it now happens to be my favorite bullet vibrator ever. It’s the most powerful thing I’ve experienced in such a small size and I’m able to orgasm using this just like I would with a powerful corded wand. It really does it for me, which is hard for most traditional toys to do because usually that intense power just isn’t there. Sixty goes above and beyond.

While the language SXOhh uses isn’t my cup of tea–both on their website and in branding it with the idea of having an orgasm in under sixty seconds–I cannot argue the quality of this product. If you don’t take the whole “sixty seconds” idea too seriously, this toy really is a great addition to most people’s toybox. New users and timid clitoris-owners may want to look for a lower-intensity vibrator, but for those who can’t get enough of that rumbly vibration, the Sixty is a must-have.

This review is sponsored by SXOhh but all opinions and writing are my own.

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