Review: Stardust by Kreature Adult Toys

a thick, pink sparkly dildo with pearl white base. text reads "stardust, the unicorn"

When I started reviewing sex toys back in 2009, I didn’t know where this journey would lead me. A lot of the toys I test are by globally-known brands but every now and then I get to work with a small, independent shop and try something a little outside the ordinary. When Kreature Adult Toys contacted me about a review, I knew it was going to be an exciting one. I chose my design for the assignment carefully: a thick, glittery pink high-femme unicorn dick…because why the fuck not?

I love indie shops for their customizability. The designs and pours that you see from small shops are unlike anything you can get from big brands. If you want something unique, Kreature Toys’ website makes it easy. You can make one of their designs truly your own with customizable sizes, colors, marbling, firmness, etc. They’ll even put a hole in larger toys if you’d like to make them compatible with Vac-U-Lock harnesses and sex machines. Whether you’re looking for a pre-made creature or one of your own creations, there’s something for everyone. In addition to a collection of creature dildos, they also make adorable dragon-egg butt plugs!

I chose Stardust for my review, because I couldn’t resist the chance to review a unicorn cock. Sure, I’ve reviewed unicorn horn dildos but this was uncharted territory. I’ll admit, I was nervous because I’m not the usual customer for a horse dildo but I wanted to embrace the fantasy aspect of it all. I ended up going all out and made her a hard femme, despite being very open about how I think there are too many pink sex toys out there. It didn’t matter–I needed this one to be a dazzling feminine beast and so I added yet another pink sex toy to my collection.

My Experience with Stardust

My Stardust was ordered in “classic” firmness in their medium size with a split coloring of creamy pink and pearl. It arrived quickly and in discreet packaging, which is highly appreciated. Stardust stands up-right on its own and has a thick base with balls.

Despite there being a series of very clear images showing the difference in size, I still rounded up where I should have rounded down. Whoops! 💀

My first thought upon opening up my package from Kreature Toys was, “holy shit, that is a thicc medium!” That being said, you should never be too surprised by the size of a toy when ordering customs. I highly advise that you refer to the size chart and images that Kreature toys provides to give you a sense of their sizing so you aren’t caught off guard. I, however, may have overlooked this process myself and sized up where I would have liked to go smaller in reality. We live, we learn!

I was admittedly relieved that Stardust has a non-realistic design to it and found its knot to be challenging, yet manageable. Sizing up to the medium instead of the small, however, means that while I really like this model, it does take some prep work for me to thoroughly enjoy it.

SmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Head Circumference4.375"5.5"6.5"7.75"
Head Average Diameter1.4"1.75"2.1"2.5"
Knot Circumference6.25"7.5"8.75"10.5"
Knot Average Diameter2"2.4"2.8"3.3"
Usable Length5.75"6.75"8"9.25"
Total Length6.5"7.5"9"10.5"

Whichever size you end up with, it’s highly recommended that you use a water-based lubricant with this toy. The platinum silicone is fully body-safe, but it does have a bit of drag to it that can make insertion more difficult. Once you lube up your Stardust, you can comfortably work up to the widest point of the toy, which is a bit lower than halfway down the shaft. The dual-sided taper of the knot made it a lot more manageable than a more rounded knot. For those of us who aren’t size queens, this really boiled down to a more comfortable experience for me. All in all, I really enjoyed the challenge of Stardust’s size combined with the gentle taper that makes its knot an achievable goal.

“Classic firmness” (Shore 0045) ended up being the best choice for me. I’ve found that a lot of indie shops tend to make toys in a softer density than mainstream brands use with their dildos. I’m personally better off with firmer pours over floppy ones, so I didn’t go with the shop’s recommendation of getting Stardust in the “super soft” (Shore 0031) silicone. That being said, the size of the knot is a big factor here so if you’re challenging yourself with the size of your Stardust, a squishier silicone might make your experience with it more comfortable. The cool thing here is that customizability factor–you can essentially make your toy as soft or firm as you’d like! 

I really enjoyed getting a firsthand experience with a Kreature Toys’ creation. This queer-owned shop has a lot of fantastic models and what they produce is high quality, professional, and visually stunning. I highly recommend working with this small business to design the beautiful monster cock of YOUR dreams!

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