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Last year, Fun Factory released the Stronic G pulsator and I fell in love with it. I pined after it for months, waiting for my budget to allow me to purchase one of my own. I got to hold one in person at a sex shop while on Sex Tour in New York and it really impressed me. I put it on my wishlist when I published my top toys of 2017, but I never got around to buying it. Then, earlier this summer, SheVibe came to my rescue like an angel from heaven, offering the newer Fun Factory Stronic Real in exchange for an honest review.

Fun Factory Stronic Line

The Fun Factory Stronic Real is unlike any toy you’ve ever seen–unless you own another toy from the Stronic line, of course. I don’t, and I’m bitter about it because the Stronic pulsators by Fun Factory are sublime and I want to try every single one.

Fun Factory has been praised highly from what I’ve seen in other reviews, but surprisingly, this is the first model from Fun Factory that I own. It’s strange, starting off with one of their high-end, more expensive toys, but I’m definitely not complaining.

The stronic pulsators by Fun Factory are unique in the sense that they don’t exactly “vibrate” like most vibrators, but thrust back and forth to “pulsate.” Holding the toy in your hand is an interesting feel because it’s a lot like holding a small Shake Weight, with the moving weighted component inside the vibrator. It’s not a big, long thrust by any means (if that’s what you’re looking for, check out the Velvet Thruster), but what it lacks in reach, it makes up for in power and convenience.


Instead of long, slow strokes, the Stronic Real pounds like a sailor on leave. Also, unlike other thrusting toys, the Stronic Real doesn’t require hands–for the most part, at least. I often use the Stronic Real hands-free, which is my prefered means of masturbation. It feels best when lying on my back, inserted, and left on its own, but it can also slip out kind of easily that way*. Using a hand to hold it doesn’t give the same pounding effect, however, and this isn’t a toy you’re going to be thrusting into yourself by hand. My limited creative mind has come to a solution by wearing panties with the toy inserted, but that does limit access to clitoral stimulation.

Alternatively, I also make use of it inserted and kept inside by closing my legs and lying down on my stomach–preferably with a Doxy 3 on my clit. I’ve found this to be the most pleasurable position for using the Stronic Real with a clitoral toy and without worrying about it slipping out. From this position, it feels like I’m being fucked from behind, and that happens to be one of my favorite positions during sex, so it’s a win-win.

*Note that there is no flared base to the Stronic Real, making it unsafe for anal play.


I’ll admit, the settings took me a little while to figure out, but I think I’ve got it down now.

Pressing the FUN button turns the Stronic Real on and starts at a gentle rocking called “perfect start” by their instruction guide. Pressing the (+) button brings it to a “samba,” “rumble,” and “quicky,” as named by Fun Factory. These are all stable-vibration settings that increase speed at each click of the (+) button. Continuing to press the button brings it to three “dynamic” patterned settings.

From the “perfect start,” you can also press the (-) button instead of the (+) to turn on algorithmic mode, which has three patterned settings called “dirty dancing,” “gallop,” and “rattle.”

I rarely use the patterned settings, to be honest, but this is true with every kind of vibrator. I, like the majority of sex toy users, prefer a stable-vibration (or in this case, pulsation) to get off. What I do most often is switch the Stronic Real into the fastest stable speed and go from there, never changing it up. If that sounds boring to you, Fun Factory has six patterns to mix it up any way you want it.

Pressing the (-) button for a second at any point turns the toy off.

Uses in Kink

The Stronic Real is basically a very compact fucking machine. At a fraction of the cost, you can make the fantasies of using a fucking machine closer to reality. It also doesn’t take up the space of an actual fucking machine but lets you enjoy the sensation of being penetrated while being hands-free. It’s also very convenient for bringing along to play parties.

If you’re a fan of forced orgasms or orgasm control, the Stronic Real is a fantastic toy to leave in your partner while you ignore them or leave the room and make them orgasm over and over while restrained and helpless.


The Stronic Real comes with a travel lock feature, which is great for bringing this toy on the go with you. Simply hold the (-) button and the FUN button (at the same time) for a second and it will lock for traveling so it doesn’t accidentally go off in your bag or suitcase. To unlock, do the same using the (+) and FUN buttons. It does not have to be unlocked for each use like some toys, only after you’ve intentionally locked it.

Fun Factory uses a magnetic charging system for the Stronic Real. A USB charging cord is included in the box and a light indicates when it is being charged. I haven’t had an issue with the magnetic charging, but sometimes magnetic charging cords can be annoying. So long as you’re charging the Stronic Real out of the way, the magnet holds pretty strong and doesn’t pose an issue.

Thanks to the magnetic charging, the Stronic Real is also 100% waterproof. Take it in the tub or shower with you without worrying about leakage ruining your motor. The silicone material is also super easy to clean with soap and water or by soaking in a 10% bleach solution. Because this toy has a motor, you cannot boil it or put it in your dishwasher to sanitize.


The Stronic Real is a fantastic toy that brings countless new possibilities for play. Its unique technology lets the user insert the toy, lie back, and relax while the toy does all the work. Even with a pretty large sex toy collection, I can’t really say any other toy I own can do what the Fun Factory’s stronic pulsators can do.

The price tag on this toy is really the only drawback, but with such amazing technology, I don’t consider it overpriced at all. With the power of an expensive fucking machine, you’re really getting a lot for the price of this little hands-free device.

The Stronic Real isn’t going to be something I recommend for someone’s first sex toy or to someone on a strict budget. However, for those with the means to invest in a really great luxury sex toy, this is a winner, for sure,

Many thanks to SheVibe for sending me the Stronic Real in exchange for my honest opinion.

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