Review: Nefarious Kinks Studded Paddle

This spring, I purchased a wooden heart paddle from Nefarious Kinks and fell in love with his work. It was solid, well-made, and came with a “you break it, I replace it” policy that I highly respected. Like the heart-shaped paddle I bought, there are usually a few pre-made options in his Etsy shop. However, one of the best things about buying from Nefarious Kinks is his ability to customize a toy to your specific desires. This time around, I ordered a completely personalized paddle.

We discussed my specifications in depth, both before the construction began and throughout the process. I asked NK if I could get some sneak peeks before he mailed the finished piece out to me. He actually kept me up to date with photos every step of the way. NK sent me over 25 photos throughout the construction process, and each one got me more and more excited about the final result.

From the raw plank of wood, I was able to watch my paddle come to life. It was incredible to get to see something that has become so important to me being made from scratch. I was able to specify everything about my paddle from wood type, stain color, paracord color (handle wrap), and overall shape and style. I even got to request little details like including a hanging strap and the initials “SF” imprinted on the wood to make it truly mine. Every aspect of this toy is something I told NK I wanted. Because of that, this paddle holds a very special place in my heart.

The actual paddle NK and I designed is a total badass. It’s huge, for one thing. I chose purpleheart wood, one of the heaviest that Nefarious Kinks offers. The paddle is a real weight in your hand and I love the reactions I get when people pick it up. With a black stain, the paddle is a deep, dark maroonish purple that I just love. I opted for black studs in rows on one side of the paddle to give it a little extra bite and I love the sensation it provides.

When I Top using this paddle, I find it really amusing to see all the studs make marks on the skin of my partner that disappear a moment after each hit. However, I mostly bottom to this bad boy–and it’s a wild ride. It wields a lot of power due to the weight, so it hits hard. It isn’t stingy at all, but feels more like a broad punch. The studs definitely add an element of surprise because I never know if I’m going to get the flat side or the studded side.

I highly recommend Nefarious Kinks to anyone looking for a custom paddle. When you buy from him, you get a superior piece of craftsmanship, excellent customer service, and absolutely anything you could possibly want in a toy. He works with customers to ensure satisfaction and his work truly speaks for itself. The pieces he makes are gorgeous, effective, and nearly indestructible. What more could you ask for?

Already-made paddles are available (at very affordable prices) in the Nefarious Kinks Etsy shop.

Have an idea for a paddle you want to bring to life? Contact Nefarious Kinks via email to work out a custom order.

Also remember to follow his blog for new design ideas, a peek into his workshop, and possibly even a free giveaway now and then!

xx SF

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