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I have only recently heard of SVAKOM, but their website claims they are one of the fastest growing companies in the sex toy industry. Despite not knowing much about them, I was intrigued enough to give them a try for myself. I was sent one of their newer products, the Siren–part of what they call their “marine series.” Speaking as someone with big Mermaid Energy™, I was really drawn to this particular line of toys. What I received was something unlike anything else in my collection.


The Siren doesn’t look like most vibrators you’ll find on the market. On one end, there is a “double-tongued” design intended for clitoral stimulation. However, the rounded handle also has a vibrating function, making the Siren the first double-ended vibrator in my toy box. The design is new, exciting, and intriguing, but also completely foreign to me.


When I received the Siren, I noticed an unusual smell on it. Since silicone rarely has a smell to it, I was initially concerned about the material of the toy. While it looked and felt like silicone, I decided to make sure before using it.

In order to determine the safety of the material, I performed a flame test to the Siren. Results of the flame test support the claim that the Siren is made of silicone. My test prompted no melting, no flame, and no actual damage to the toy itself. After washing the Siren a few times with soap and water, the smell dissipated. This leads me to believe that it was the packaging that produced the “factory” smell on the Siren, rather than a low-quality material on the toy itself. With this development, I put the Siren to the test.


Since the Siren is double-ended, it has two motors, which are controlled by two buttons. Holding down the button on the corresponding end of the vibrator you want to use will turn it on. The “double-tongue” end has three different settings. While I can’t feel much of a difference when switching them, you can visibly see the tongues moving at different speeds when you cycle through them. (Also, they look really cool in slow motion.)

The Siren is the first toy of this style that I own and I really enjoy the flickering “tongues,” as weird as that is to say. I wasn’t sure at first if they would do much for me since I usually require a lot of intensity to get off, but they’re pretty effective. I do mostly use this end for warming up and edging, but it feels great.

I would also highly recommend this side of the toy for folks with larger clitorises or smaller penises, as it works better with some surface area to stimulate. Using it on my finger is surprisingly satisfying, so I would be really interested in seeing how someone would react to this toy on the head and shaft of their penis 

The bulbous handle on the other end also vibrates. SVAKOM’s website notes that it has 5 intensities and modes, totaling at 25 different settings on this end. Personally, I think 25 settings on any toy is complete overkill and since there is no back button, it does get a bit frustrating to cycle through all these. However, once I find the highest stable setting, I set up camp there.

This end can be inserted or used as a clitoral vibrator. Inserting it didn’t do much for me personally, due to the small size. The material is super soft and smooth, which was comfortable for inserting, but I definitely preferred using this end as a clitoral vibrator (as well as the other end) because like most people with vulvas, I need that clit stimulation to get off. 

Both ends of the Siren have some decent power to them. I have pretty high standards for vibration intensity but I did get off with some patience. If you don’t consider yourself a “power-queen” (someone who needs intense vibrations), then I think the Siren will be more than enough to satisfy you. 

Pressing and holding the button on either end of the toy will turn that side off, but keep in mind there is a weird delay in turning the toys off. The button’s light will flash a few times and takes a few seconds to actually turn off. It didn’t really impact my play, but if you’re in a shared living space you may just want to be aware of this delay.

Care & Cleaning

Since the Siren is silicone, hand-washing with water and antibacterial soap does the job for keeping it clean in between uses. If you’d like to share the Siren with a partner, I suggest soaking in a 10% bleach solution to sanitize it. Please keep in mind the Siren is not anal safe due to the lack of a flared base.

The Siren is completely waterproof, so playing in the bath, shower, or washing it poses no risks for damaging the toy. It charges via a waterproof port on the back of the toy. Because of the silicone material, be sure to only use water-based lubricants with this toy, as silicone-based ones can damage it.

SVAKOM offers a one-year warranty on all their products as well as a “10 Year Quality Guarantee” that promises if you have issues with your product within this time period but after the warranty, you can get a replacement toy for 50% off from their website. They offer the option to register your toy online so you don’t need to keep any paperwork on your end, which is convenient.


The Siren is an interesting vibrator style you probably won’t find elsewhere. It has two independent motors that can be on at the same time or one at a time so both ends of your toy are utilized. Whether you have a penis or vulva, enjoy insertion or external stimulation, the Siren probably has something for you. It’s a well-constructed toy made of body-safe material that’s waterproof, fully rechargeable, and obviously very versatile. Can you hear the Siren calling your name?

This review was sponsored by SVAKOM but as always, all writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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