Review: Uberrime Sensi Vaginal Plug


The Sensi is a small silicone wonder that measures just 5” long, but has an average girth with plenty of give due to its density. It’s much squishier than my usual dildo preference, but for good reason.

Sensi has a defined head, short body, and small, round base. It can stand on its own when the base is pressed onto a flat, clean surface (it’s not a true suction cup base, but it works pretty well regardless), although it’s a bit floppy on its own. Its gorgeous, marbled coloring contains glitter, making it sparkle in the light. It has the amazing craftsmanship you get with all Uberrime products, which are all made with nonporous, body-safe silicone. It’s soft, squishy, and unintimidating but it’s honestly one of the most exciting dildos in my whole collection


The Sensi is probably the smallest dildo in my collection, but it really is its own category of toys classified as a vaginal plug. In my decade of sex blogging, I’ve never before come across a vaginal plug, so I immediately knew I needed one when I saw the Uberrime Sensi

So, what do you do with a vaginal plug? The idea is very similar to that of an anal plug. Instead of just using the Sensi as a dildo during sex or masturbation, it can be held inside the vagina over periods of time to maintain arousal, even under clothing in public.

This opens up a world of possibilities. We already had remote controlled vibrators for public play, but the idea of a vaginal plug is appealing to those who don’t like vibration, worry about noise from the vibrations around others, or prefer a fuller feeling than small bullet vibes can provide.

Due to the Sensi’s low density, it’s super squishy and has a lot of give when it comes to girth. This means it’s a whole lot more comfortable for long-term penetration and you can actually work on your kegel muscles by flexing around the Sensi and then releasing. The Sensi has a lot of flexibility, so it moves with your body very easily and isn’t as unforgiving as more dense toys.

My Experience with the Sensi

My personal use of the Sensi is very much focused around kink. While it can be worn or used in any context and isn’t inherently kinky, I tend to reach for the Sensi when my partner and I are engaging in our D/s dynamic. For us, the Uberrime Sensi is about keeping me aroused in mundane situations as an act of service, actively training my kegels, or teasing and edging me for hours.

My partner is a big fan of the concept known as cockwarming, which is basically the idea of holding someone’s cock in your body without actively fucking or thrusting into the person. My training with the Sensi involves using my kegel muscles to constrict and release the toy as to “milk” my partner to orgasm. The squishiness of the Sensi makes it perfect for this type of training, and it can be worn vaginally for hours without getting uncomfortable (just be sure to use a generous amount of lube when doing long term wear and remove if you experience any pain).

A Note of Caution

The Sensi is listed as a vaginal plug and while it is completely safe to use vaginally, it is not made for anal use. The base of the toy folds in very easily due to the low density, meaning it can go too far into your body if you use it anally.

Care & Cleaning

As the base of the Sensi does fold in on itself easily, it can often get pushed very deep inside the vagina during use, so it requires a little effort to get out sometimes. I was hesitant to try using the bathroom with the Sensi inside me but once I gave it a try I realized it was no more difficult to do so than using the bathroom with a tampon inserted.

The Sensi is pure silicone and can be washed regularly with just soap and water. It can also be fully sanitized before sharing with any partners. For specific cleaning instructions on how to sanitize silicone, check out my cleaning guide.


The Uberrime Sensi opens up a world of play options and it was long overdue to the sex toy industry! For those who enjoy working their kegels, keeping themselves stealthily aroused in public spaces, or who just enjoy feeling full, the Sensi is the most comfortable long-term use dildo I can recommend. It’s perfect for a naughty date night out, an afternoon lounging around the house, or wearing during sexual activity. I especially recommend this toy for submissives interested in cockwarming training or performing tasks/duties while stimulated. There are a lot of creative things you can do with the Uberrime Sensi in your toy bag.

The Sensi was given to me by Uberrime in exchange for an unbiased review.
As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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  1. wow, I haven’t even imagine such stuff exists! it looks like a better way for training kegels than those balls with a fibre!

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