Review: Tantus Vamp

I received an order from Tantus that I’m going to review for you guys, starting with a dildo I got from them called Vamp. This gorgeous toy is one of Tantus’s grab bag items, which means you are given a random color at a discounted price. This is an amazing concept for a few reasons:
  • You get a toy in a color that isn’t normally sold and therefore is kind of special and unique.
  • It’s a surprise when you get the toy!
  • You might get awesome variations of colors or “defects” that have different-colored swirls in them.
  • They’re all almost half their normal prices. Such a deal!

I got my Vamp in this gorgeous magenta/pink color. The color is super vivid, but these unfiltered photos don’t even do it justice. My version even has sparkles in it, which you can see in the middle photo of the base of the toy. If you buy the toy outside of the grab bag deal, you can choose to either get it in purple or cream.

Vamp is 6.5″ long and 1.75″ in diameter. This means it’s a bit of a girthy toy, but pretty average in length. Beginners might want to go for something smaller, like Charmer, until they can work up to this girth. However, if you’re more accustomed to using toys or you like the feeling of being full, Vamp is a great choice. If you’re in between, a little lube will make things much easier!

Like most Tantus toys, the Vamp is made with 100% high-quality silicone. This means it’s body-safe and is super easy to clean. You can simply wash it with soap and warm water for solo use or you can sterilize it in a number of different ways if you’re sharing it with partners or going from anal to vaginal use. You can boil it for five minutes, put it in the dishwasher, or soak it in a 5% bleach solution after a regular cleaning in order to sterilize it.

With it being silicone, you should also remember only to use only water-based lubricant with this toy. Silicone lubricant can break down the non-porous surface and make it less safe.

Vamp does have some texture to it. While the material itself is super sleek and smooth, the shaft has subtle texture, which you can see with the lighting in the photos. It feels almost like subtle, realistic veins in the shaft. There is also some very subtle bumpy texture by the head of the dildo–which is very clearly defined and realistic to a circumcised penis, as you can see. I think Vamp is a fantastic toy if you’re going for a realistic texture that is like an actual penis. Also, because of the flange (flared base) of Vamp, it is safe to use anally, as well as with an o-ring style harness.

The only downside to this toy is that, like most silicone toys, it picks up a bit of dust, hair, or lint. Storing it in a clean bag, pouch, or box after cleaning it will help reduce this. If you do get some dust on the surface, simply rinse it off before using. Not a big deal at all, and well worth the positive qualities of silicone!

I highly recommend this toy–especially if you’re getting the grab bag version of it because I think it’s a super-amazing deal and you might get some awesome colors out of it.

Update: Tantus has updated this toy to make it even softer. The new version is available in copper or purple and can be purchased here.

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