Review: Vixen Mustang

The Mustang is an amazing dildo crafted by Vixen creations that has realistic-feeling high-quality silicone appropriately called “VixSkin.” If you’ve never tried VixSkin before, this is a great introduction to the material.

You can use the Mustang toy for solo-play, manually with a partner, in a harness, anally, in the shower, in the pool–in almost every situation you can think of. Its amazing material and design make it perfect for any instance!

Vixen also makes this model with two other bases.

First is the Mustang Royale, which has a specialized purple base for added pleasure with a harness for the wearer.

Also available is the newly designed VixenAire, which pulsates the shaft when pressure is put on the base either manually or during harness wear. The VixenAire also has the base shape of the Royale that adds sensation for the wearer during use with a harness.

I cannot rave about the VixSkin material enough–it’s simply fantastic! Made of 100% premium silicone, VixSkin’s big advantage is its realistic feel, all while keeping the top-rated safety and hygienic properties of silicone. It’s super plush and squishy but is completely non-porous. While silicone is generally a good option for smooth, comfortable texture, Vixskin has a dual-density property like Tantus’s O2 line. I’m a big supporter of dual-density silicone because you get a firm inner core, but a super comfy outer material. These types are unbeatable, in my opinion.

My concern with trying VixSkin was considering how firm it would be. As someone who was very accustomed to using glass dildos, I tend it not like very squishy toys. The Mustang did fall a bit short for me in this area, as it’s not as firm as Tantus O2 models, but this is more a matter of personal preference rather than a flaw in the design. The Mustang is very flexible, and can completely bend. However, it does still have that firmer inner core previously mentioned–it’s just not as firm as other toys on the market. If firmness isn’t an important aspect of a dildo for you, you’ll certainly enjoy how comfy the plushy outside material feels.

There is no odor or taste to this product (a tell-tale sign of good silicone!). It is slightly tacky but not so much that it caused any issues. It only takes a little of water-based lubricant (no silicone lubes!) to get over the slight drag on the realistic material.

The Mustang is a great realistic-size to go with its similar feel and appearance. It’s an ideal size for average users who have experienced penetration before. Most users will find this to be a perfect size for vaginal penetration, and experienced anal users will find this to be a good step up from anal training. Keep in mind that the Mustang is about the size of a pretty average-sized penis. Those who like larger girths should definitely check out the Maverick VixSkin, which is a 2″ remake of this 1.5″ dildo.

Length: 6.75″
Insertable Length: 6.25″
Circumference: 5″
Diameter: 1.5″
O-ring Compatibility: 1.5″
Weight: 1 lb

Simply put, the Mustang performs as well (or sometimes better!) than an actual penis. It is life-like, comfortable, and versatile. In addition to solo-use, this product can be paired with a harness with an o-ring sized 1.5″. Whether it be for vaginal or anal penetration, this product is a high-quality and realistic toy that would satisfy most users.

Remember, if you are going from anal to vaginal use, or are with multiple partners, be sure to sterilize the dildo or use a condom for safety concerns. Cut down infection risks or STDs by being safe!

Silicone is fantastic because there are lots of ways to clean the material safety. The following methods are safe to use when cleaning your Vixskin dildo:

  • Boiling for three minutes (sterilizes).
  • Washing on top rack of dishwasher (sterilizes).
  • Soaking in 5-10% bleach solution (sterilizes).
  • Washing by hand with soap and water.
  • Wiping down with a toy wipe.
  • Spraying with toy spray and wiping with clean cloth.

For storage, I suggest keeping the plastic tube it comes in to avoid having lint or hair stick to it or putting it in a ZipLoc bag for the same reasons. However, you can store it anywhere clean and dry as long as you rinse off any dander stuck to it before using again. Keep in mind that it is pretty tacky, as silicone can be, so if you have a shedding pet or dust in your home, it can get dirty fast. A simple soap and water wash usually does the trick, though!

The only safety concern with silicone is that you do not use silicone-based lube or store it touching other silicone toys, as this may break down the bacteria-resistant qualities of silicone.

The Mustang comes in a transparent plastic tube that has the VixSkin logo on the front and boasts about all the amazing qualities on the back. The top of the tube pops off and you can remove the dildo from it very easily.

I’ve actually decided to keep the packaging for storage because it keeps the dildo away from lint and hair that it would otherwise pick up in storage. However, you can recycle the packaging if you do not wish to keep it for storage.

All in all, the Vixskin Mustang is a win for those looking for a realistic experience! It features a realistic head, subtle veins, and comes in three flesh-tone shades. For those not so much into realistic colors, it’s also available in a bright pink or the “Tie-Bright” (the color I snagged!) rainbow option.

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