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First Glance

The We-Vibe Moxie has a sleek look that fits the brand’s usual style. It’s made of seamless, soft silicone that has very little drag to it. It has all the bells and whistles of most We-Vibe products: it’s app-controlled, has ten patterns, comes with a remote control alternative, and is waterproof and rechargeable. On paper, it looks good–but so do most of their toys until I try them out.

We-Vibe is well known in the sex toy industry, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who love their toys. However, I’ve tried out a handful of their models and have been very disappointed with the app connection–which, let’s face it, is the main appeal for We-Vibe products. Truth is, the Bluetooth connection on their toys isn’t strong enough to penetrate flesh well, which means if you’re plus size and using an internal toy, the connection is lost immediately. However, since the Moxie is an external toy, I decided to give We-Vibe one more chance.


Moxie has one button, which can be used to cycle through settings, but it is primarily controlled via the remote or the app. It has ten different patterns and the intensity of each can be controlled with the app.

The We-Vibe app can connect a partner from anywhere in the world by sending a link to let them control your Moxie (or any other We-Vibe toy). This brings a whole new level of intimacy for people in a long-distance relationship.


The Moxie features magnetic charging, making it completely waterproof. While it might not be the ideal toy for shower or bath play, it does have the potential to clip into a swimsuit and make for an interesting day at the pool. You can use it as a bullet in the shower or tub, but the main draw of the Moxie is the hands-free control as a discreet panty vibe.

Moxie comes with a few goodies in the box, including the charging cord, two magnetic clips, a storage pouch, lube sample, and remote.


I’m happy to report that I was able to use the Moxie successfully connected to the app, despite being a plus size person. Because the Bluetooth has been known to be finicky with plus size bodies, I was nervous about whether or not it would work. However, since it is an external vibe, the connection worked great for me!

I did notice a few downsides to the Moxie, though. First, the lack of pressure. I’ve already seen other reviewers comment on the issue of pressure with this toy. If a broad vibration gets you off, you’ll probably do very well with the Moxie. It has a decent motor for its size and the vibrations do feel good regardless. However, if you’re like me and require a good amount of pressure on your clit, you might not be able to orgasm easily using Moxie. I found that even grinding down didn’t get me enough pressure to get off with it. However, I did try tucking it in my labia a bit instead of connecting it to the crotch of my panties and that provided a lot more pressure.

The Moxie (as well as any other remote-controlled vibe) isn’t something I’m usually able to reach orgasm with–and I’m okay with that! Remote-controlled toys are built to be small and discreet so they usually just don’t have the power to get me off. Instead, I use these primarily as “teasing” toys for public play or even just around the house. 

The second thing I noted about the Moxie was that it looks like there’s a bit of a wavy texture on the surface, but it’s in a strange spot that doesn’t really do anything for the wearer. It doesn’t bother me during wear, but it prompts me to wonder why it’s there at all.

Lastly, I thought the volume of the Moxie was a bit much for quiet spaces. If there are lots of people where you intend to use it, it’s not going to be an issue. A noisy restaurant, for example, is a good spot to use this toy. However, if you’re going somewhere quiet, it may be noticeable that you have something vibrating in your pants.


All in all, I was pleased with the Moxie. While it doesn’t have the power to get me off, no remote-controlled toy I’ve tried has that ability. When it comes to these types of toys, the Moxie is the best I’ve come across. Sure, it could be quieter or have more precise pressure where I need it most, but for discreet public play, it isn’t bad!

I’m glad that We-Vibe finally came out with a product I can use. For so long I struggled with their toys, trying to get them to connect while inserted and the Bluetooth just doesn’t have the strength to go through the flesh of someone my size. I’m very grateful that the Moxie works so well, though. It’s finally making me appreciate the technology that We-Vibe has developed. For years, I’ve wanted to experience their toys the way they were intended and found only frustration but with the Moxie, I feel like it’s finally worth the hype of what We-Vibe advertises it to be.

The Moxie was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review. All writing and opinions are my own.

xx SF

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