Review: We-Vibe Nova 2

First Glance

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is made of soft-touch silicone so it’s not only completely body-safe, it’s also super comfy. This g-spot rabbit vibe has an interesting shape that allows the clitoral arm to stay directly on the clitoris, even when thrusting the internal vibe. Normally, rabbit vibrators aren’t my cup of tea, but I made a huge exception for the Nova 2 because of this design shape and I’m so glad I did, but more on that later.

The Nova 2 weighs a little less than half a pound, making it a pretty lightweight toy for its power level. The handle of the Nova 2 is ergonomic for easy control during use. However, I’m not one to fiddle with the settings once I get going (I immediately go to the highest setting and use most toys hands-free) so I didn’t even attempt to cycle through settings with the buttons during use. Regardless, to make controlling the toy even easier, the We-Connect™ app pairs to your Nova and lets you control it from your phone instead of using the buttons on the toy.


My biggest complaint about this toy is actually with the buttons. They’re small and you have to be very precise when hitting the buttons to get them to work well. Holding down the buttons for long enough to use some of the features takes a second try a lot of the time. That being said, the ability to use the We-Connect™ app and the way the Nova 2 saves your settings combats my dislike of their buttons.

Pressing the (+) button turns on the Nova. Holding it down will bring it to the maximum intensity level and the () button will lower it back down. If a steady vibration isn’t your thing, you can use the left and right arrow buttons to cycle through the Nova’s 10 different patterned settings to find the one you like the most.

The internal and external motors in the Nova 2 operate independently, so you can use the toggle button to set a separate vibration intensity and pattern for each, as preference will vary among users. Pressing the toggle button once will activate the external motor. Pressing it again will activate the internal motor. Pressing it a third time will activate both and automatically save your preferred settings. This makes it super easy to jump to the exact vibration profile that works for you without having to cycle through settings each time you use the Nova.

Connect your Nova 2 to your phone by using the We-Connect™ app for even easier remote control. If you happen to have a long-distance partner, they can even take control of your Nova from anywhere in the world using this app so long as you both have a reliable internet connection.

Care & Cleaning

The We-Vibe Nova 2 is made of silicone, making it both body safe and easy to clean and store. A gentle antibacterial soap and water is all you need for regular cleaning. Since it has a motor and cannot be boiled, it’s recommended that you soak it in a 10% bleach solution to sanitize if sharing with partners. Fully dry the Nova before storing it in the included satin toy bag, out of direct sunlight. For more information on sex toy cleaning, check out my care and cleaning guide.

Like all We-Vibe toys, the Nova 2 is fully rechargeable with the included magnetic USB charging cord. Its lithium ion battery can be fully charged in 90 minutes for up to 2 hours of use. The Nova 2 also has a travel lock feature that prevents it from being accidentally turned on in luggage. Simply hold both the (+) and () buttons for 3 seconds until the toy pulses. This activates the travel lock and the same action will unlock it when you’re ready to use it again. Charging your Nova will also unlock it automatically.

The We-Vibe Nova 2 also has a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can be confident that your toy is going to perform well. I’ve had a defective We-Vibe toy in the past and they replaced it under the warranty with no issues, so it’s always nice to know that option is available in case something is wrong with your toy. We-Vibe toys are an investment, so the warranty is definitely appreciated.


Until the Nova 2 came into my life, I didn’t keep any rabbit vibrators in my usual rotation. Most of the rabbits I’ve come across are either of an unsafe material, are awkward or uncomfortable to use, and the clitoral vibe never stays where I need it to. In fact, rabbit toys are notorious for not working with a lot of people’s anatomy. The Nova 2 comes up with a really nice solution to this issue that keeps the clitoral arm on the clitoris, regardless of your specific anatomy. It curls towards the internal g-spot vibe and flexes with your body to keep the external vibe directly on your clit at all times.

The fact that I can even use this toy to reach orgasm is a miracle in my eyes, as rabbits and I definitely don’t usually get along this well. If you add in the We-Connect™ app capabilities, the strong dual vibrations, and the fact that it’s all made of super soft, body-safe silicone, the We-Vibe Nova 2 is basically everything I could ask for in a rabbit vibrator.

The We-Vibe Nova 2 was provided to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for my honest review.
As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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