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The new Womanizer Liberty takes the air-pulsing technology that Womanizer is know for and puts it into a more compact body that has some great features for travel. While I’ve read a lot of good things about this product, I’m afraid it’s not one I’ll personally be using much.


The compact size of the Womanizer Liberty is a desirable feature to many users. While I do appreciate toys that are good for travel, they are often not my go-to products for everyday use. Small toys that require a lot of hand coordination during use don’t usually work well with me, which may explain why my favorite Womanizer product is actually the Womanizer Plus, which sadly seems to be discontinued.

The Womanizer Liberty measures in at 4”, which is quite small for a sex toy like this, but not quite as small as the Womanizer Scarlet. It has an ergonomic shape to the actual design of the toy that feels nice in my hand. However, holding it in place over my clitoris has been a challenge for me.

Because of the nature of the air pulsing technology, the area that goes over the clit has to fully cover skin in order to work. If the hole on the Womanizer Liberty isn’t fully covered, it loses most of its suction power. However, as a plus-size person, finding the sweet spot with this tiny toy in a way that fully covers the opening is difficult and I found myself constantly getting frustrated while testing this product. At least I know now that the Womanizer Scarlet definitely wouldn’t work for me.


The Womanizer Liberty has six intensity levels, but I honestly can’t tell most of them apart. Turning it on and off is simple–you just hold the (+) button for two seconds. I do appreciate that is has a (+) and (-) button so you can go back and forth with settings instead of having to cycle through them all to go back one. Like most toys, I crank this one up to the highest setting when I use it, but the range between settings really isn’t very broad.

If I can get this toy fully covering my clit for more than a few minutes, the sixth setting does feel quite nice. The air-pulsing technologies of Womanizer and Satisfyer are very different than vibrations. They stimulate deeper, often at more intense levels, and draw out an orgasm gradually–but often quickly.

The Womanizer Liberty is fully waterproof, so it is an option for those who like to play in the shower or bath. Because I was so easily frustrated with this toy in bed, I didn’t honestly get to try it out in the tub, but that’s just as well for me as I’m not much of a tub-mastubator. I do appreciate the fact that it’s waterproof, though, because these toys tend to make me squirt in the process and clean-up is just easier when I’m not worried about damaging the toy.

The Liberty has a magnetic USB charger, which makes is easy to keep fully charged or take traveling with you. It also comes with a cover so you don’t have to worry about dirt or lint getting into the silicone head during storage or travel.

Care & Cleaning

Cleaning the Womanizer Liberty isn’t difficult due to the fact that it’s waterproof. You can remove the silicone head and wash it by hand or boil it for a deeper clean. However, if you are a squirter or tend to get super wet, the inside of the toy may need cleaning. For this, I usually just use Q-Tips to get in the air pulser to be sure it’s cleaned out and dry.

You can use lube with this toy, but use only water-based lube with the silicone head. I recommend a dab of Sliquid H2O.


I wanted to love the Womanizer Liberty because the air-pulsing technology of Womanizer is really great. It’s compact size and sleek design drew me in and I was expecting to love this product. However, the small size actually worked against me because of the way the air-pulsing technology works. Because I find it difficult to get that full-coverage contact, this toy just doesn’t work for my body.

Perhaps if the toy were a bit larger or if I were smaller, I would enjoy it more. I do see some positive reviews on this product by smaller individuals, so I don’t deny that my size may be a factor in why I don’t enjoy this toy. However, with the finicky need for full-coverage on the silicone head to provide any stimulation and the lack of range in the six settings, I found this product unexciting and frustrating. For the thrilling sensations of air-pulser toys, I’ll be sticking to my Womanizer Plus (discontinued) and my Satisfyer Pro 2.

The Womanizer Liberty was provided to me by SheVibe in exchange for my honest review.

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