Review: Womanizer Premium 2

Most folks who sell or buy sex toys will recognize the name Womanizer. They’re a global leader in air pulse technology and–despite having a name many of us in the industry despise–they’re at the top of their game. If you’re looking for an air pulse sex toy and you’re looking for the best of the best, you’ll probably end up with a Womanizer. The brand recently rereleased 3 of their products at the end of 2021, introducing us to the new Starlet 3, Womanizer Classic 2, and Womanizer Premium 2. I got my hands on the latter for an inside look at what makes Womanizer’s newest premium flagship toy so popular.


The Womanizer Premium 2 is certainly an elegant toy. Its silky soft silicone feels very luxurious in your hands and the gold accent ties the whole design together. It has four buttons down the back for easy control–once you learn how to use them. The stimulation head is made of silicone and is removable to wash or change sizes. 

There are 2 head sizes included with the Womanizer Premium 2. The default size is their medium, but they include a small inside the box as well. The extra head comes inside a small envelope with 3 vulva sketches on it. Written on the envelope are the words, “Every body is unique,” and, “Find the perfect fit for your pleasure.” I thought this was a very nice touch, to receive that warm, body-positive message. In fact, it led me to try the spare head and, lo and behold, I enjoyed the toy a lot more with the smaller head. A+ marketing all around there.

Controls & Autopilot

The controls for the Womanizer Premium 2 are simple once you go through the included manual. There are 4 buttons that control all aspects of this toy, explained below:

  • Power button
    • Press for 2 seconds to turn on
    • Press for 2 seconds to turn off
  • Autopilot (~) button
    • Press for 2 seconds to activate “soft” autopilot mode (intensity levels 1-6)
    • Press again for “medium” autopilot mode (intensity levels 6-11)
    • Press again for “intense” autopilot modec(intensity levels 9-14)
    • Press for 2 seconds to turn off
  • Decrease (-) intensity button: 
    • Press to bring the intensity level down by 1 (down to 1)
  • Increase (+) intensity button:
    • Press to bring the intensity level down by 1 (up to 14)
    • Hold both the (-) and (+) buttons for 2 seconds to activate/deactivate Smart Silence

The power, increase, and decrease buttons are pretty self-explanatory but one thing you might want to know before your first time using this toy is the new and improved autopilot 2.0. In the original Womanizer Premium, autopilot was introduced as a way to “give up control” and let Womanizer take over. The toy will go through a series of different intensities that will lead the user through a playfully-guided session. This is great if you like the idea of being teased and toyed with (literally!). For those of us who are maybe more impatient masturbators who skip to their preferred setting, this feature is less appealing. However, even as someone who will crank my toys to the highest setting out of the gate, I had fun exploring the autopilot feature for the sake of this review.

Note: The new Womanizer Classic 2 does not have Autopilot, but it does have Afterglow. Pressing the Afterglow button directly after climax brings down the intensity of the toy to the lowest setting. This was a requested feature for folks who want to continue playing after their first orgasm, but at a low intensity due to increased sensitivity directly after climax. The Afterglow feature lets you start back at the first setting to work yourself back up at your own pace.

Smart Silence

Another interesting feature of the Womanizer Premium 2 is Smart Silence. This feature will mostly appeal to those having sex or masturbating in shared spaces. If you’re concerned that a roommate or family member might walk in at any moment, Smart Silence can save you potential embarrassment. While activated (which is the default setting), Smart Silence will only power the motor of the Womanizer Premium 2 when it is in contact with your body. This means if you’re not touching the stimulator of the toy, it will be silent.

You can turn this setting off by holding down both the (+) and (-) buttons if it’s not something you’re interested in. Noise isn’t a big concern of mine but I did notice that the higher intensity levels weren’t exactly “whisper-quiet.” If I was nervous about someone overhearing, I’d definitely keep that Smart Silence feature on.

Product Comparison

Because this product was rereleased with 2 others from Womanizer, I’ve included a product comparison chart for these 3 products to help folks decide which of the 3 models is right for them.

Womanizer Starlet 3
Womanizer Classic 2
Womanizer Premium 2
ABS Plastic
Silicone-Coated ABS Plastic
Water Resistance
Intensity Levels
Charge Time
30 min
120 min
120 min
Run Time
30 min
180 min
240 min
Magnetic Charging
Magnetic Charging
Magnetic Charging
Autopilot 2.0
Smart Silence
5 years
5 years
5 years
Stimulator Head Sizes

Care & Cleaning

The Womanizer Premium 2 is waterproof, which means cleaning it is fairly simple. You can submerge the toy in water, so washing it in the sink isn’t a problem. I recommend using antibacterial soap and warm water to wash the Womanizer, but you can also use toy cleaners if you prefer. Remove the stimulator head while washing to get the inside cleaned out–this does get gunky very easily. You can even boil the silicone head to fully sanitize it, making the toy safe to share with a partner.

A magnetic charging cord and drawstring bag are also included in the box with the Womanizer Premium 2, giving it a convenient storage solution. The bag keeps the toy free from most lint it would encounter in your nightstand drawer and it’s an easy way to store your Womanizer with its charging cord for easy access. 

Note: While the bag is a nice solution to avoid debris in storage, the velvety silicone is definitely a lint magnet and will pick up almost everything around it. If your home has a lot of dust or pet hair, I recommend giving it a quick rinse under water and drying it completely before each use.


My first trial run with the Womanizer Premium 2 was a very thrilling experience. I initially tried it with the default medium sized head, which turned out to not work as well for my body. It took me a while to find the sweet spot with it and I felt very little stimulation for a while. I eventually found the right angle and the toy very suddenly got a lot more interesting. It was a very big shift from feeling almost nothing to having the Womanizer Premium 2 will mercilessly rip an orgasm from my body.

In my experience with this toy, orgasms are nearly instantaneous when you find the right spot/setting, and they are intense. If you’re multi-orgasmic, there’s a good chance this toy will have you breaking orgasm count records. That being said, this is my personal experience and there is no short-cut to orgasm guaranteed for everyone’s anatomy. However, if you enjoy air pulse toys or the sensation of receiving oral sex, the Womanizer Premium 2 is something worth trying if you can afford its luxury price tag.

If price is your main concern with this toy–which really seems to be its only impactful downside–consider the Womanizer Classic 2. The Classic model has 10 of the Premium’s 14 intensity levels. If you’re on a tighter budget or maybe don’t need the high intensity that I’m prone to go for, the Starlet 3 is the most affordable of the newest Womanizer products. Whichever model you choose, a 5 year warranty means you’ll be getting a lot of “bang for your buck” with any of the newest Womanizers. I am, however, inclined to encourage you to go for the Premium if you like to push the intensity because this toy did not disappoint me and my power-hungry clitoris.

I received the Womanizer Premium 2 from LoveHoney in exchange for my honest opinion.
As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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