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At first glance, the Zumio E looks a lot like its predecessors, the Zumio X and Zumio S. The differences between these toys is largely in the design of the tips on each. The Zumio X has a small, rounded, hard plastic tip while the Zumio S has a thicker, softer, rounded tip. The new Zumio E changes it up a bit with a curved, metal, paddle-shaped tip and some different mechanics that make a noticeable difference during use.


While previous models of the Zumio line have used intense vibration to deliver pinpoint stimulation, the Zumio E actually uses elliptical rotation. This difference in the mechanic of the toy gives it a whole new sensation. Sensations of the Zumio E are “rumblier,” which is a bit different than the “buzzy” nature of sonic vibrators, but it works! The paddle-shaped tip taps moreso than it vibrates, and this distinction is important in deciding which of the Zumios is best for you.

The Zumio E has eight speed settings, and they’re all intense. Like the Zumio X, I’d only recommend this toy to folks who know they enjoy intense stimulation because the Zumio is the type of toy that can overstimulate someone with a sensitive clit very easily. If you get easily overstimulated during sex, this might not be the toy for you, but for those of us who can’t seem to get enough power from their sex toys, the Zumio E is mind-blowing.


A lovely feature of the entire Zumio line is the included charging dock, which wirelessly charges the Zumio from a dead battery to a full one in about 16 hours. It’s really nice if you’re able to keep your toys visible because you can just keep the charging dock plugged in by your bed and be good to go every time you want to use it. Even if you aren’t charging it nightly, you’ll get about four hours of use from the Zumio E until that battery dies, which is a lot more time than you’ll need with this toy.

The inductive coil charging system also means the Zumio E is completely waterproof since it eliminates the need for a charging port. It’s a great toy for play in the shower or bath and–who knows–might even pass as an electric toothbrush in your bathroom. 

The protective cap on the Zumio E is something the Zumio X and Zumio S both lacked. As insignificant as the upgrade may seem, it really boosts this toy’s travel-friendliness. Back when I snapped the head off my Quiver, a similar style toy, I’ve worried about my Zumios. While the X and S haven’t had any issues, I would otherwise fear that the slim metal tip of the Zumio E might bend or snap in my luggage. With the plastic cap included, that’s not at all a concern of mine. Little upgrades can go a long way!

Care & Cleaning

While the tip of the Zumio E is made of metal, the controls are covered in silicone and the handle is made of ABS plastic. I recommend that you only use water-based lube with the Zumio, as silicone lubes can damage the silicone surrounding the controls. All the materials in the Zumio E are non-porous, body safe, and super easy to clean. 

The majority of cleaning the Zumio E is washing it with antibacterial soap and warm water. If you’re going to be sharing this toy with someone else, check out my sex toy cleaning and maintenance guide to find out how to sanitize a non-porous toy with a motor.

The Zumio E comes with a protective cap that fits snugly over the top half of the toy, making it super travel-friendly. The cap protects the tip from damage and keeps the buttons from being accidentally pressed in a suitcase or handbag. It’s a very sleek and compact toy that’s perfect for traveling with.


The Zumio E is the upgrade I didn’t know I needed until I tried it. The elliptical rotation feels fantastic and provides deep, rumbly stimulation wherever you want it. I was quite satisfied with my Zumio X but this new model is even better!

I’d definitely only recommend the Zumio line to folks who know they have a clit of steel, but for those who are looking for an intense toy that can really give them a run for their money, this is it. The Zumio E is pleasure, intensified.

The Zumio E was provided by Zumio in exchange for my unbiased review.
As always, all writing and opinions are my own.

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