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The Zumio X may look like a strange alien probe, but it’s actually one of my favorite sex toys at this point. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first opened it, having read several negative comments about it in the past. However, I would rather try a toy for myself to understand why it is or isn’t good for my body, since reviews are only based on our personal experiences. Surprisingly, I fell in love with the Zumio X almost instantly, but I also completely understand why there have been negative reviews of this product.


The Zumio X probably doesn’t look like any vibrator you’ve owned before–unless you’ve tried the Eroscillator. What makes these vibrators unique is a combination of small areas of contact and lots of power. They’re both oscillating toys, which can feel amazing to certain people but definitely aren’t for everyone (as with any toys, really).

The Zumio X definitely looks a little funny at first, but it grew on me quickly. Structurally, it looks and feels almost like an electric toothbrush. There is a very small pinpoint tip at the top, and a sleek purple body that houses the battery and powerful motor. Thankfully, it doesn’t weigh much and doesn’t mess with my wrist at all, which adds to accessibility for folks who can’t hold heavy vibrator wands but still want a lot of power.

I personally hold the Zumio X a little like a pen when I use it, but find whatever way is most comfortable for you. The beauty of this toy is that the body does not vibrate, so you don’t get the numb fingers that a lot of bullet vibrators can give you over time.


I’m very impressed with the intensity of this toy because it’s extremely compact and frankly misleading in my hand. The first time I tried the Zumio X, I was caught completely off guard, which I think contributes to the negative reviews I’ve read. I think the Zumio X is an excellently designed toy but it is designed for a small group of ideal users.

The high intensity of the Zumio X is a bit too much for the average user, which is why I think it isn’t always met with glowing reviews. Most people with vulvas enjoy moderate-level, broad vibrations and many actually avoid direct clitoral contact due to sensitivity. For lovers of the big, squishy heads on their Magic Wand Rechargeable or Original Doxy, this toy isn’t something I would automatically recommend. Sure, power-wise, it compares. However, the broad intensity of a wand vibrator isn’t the same as concentrating all that power to a tiny rounded point of 0.173”.

I’ve found that pressing the tip against my clit didn’t work at all. It doesn’t have much bend to it and it’s not meant to be pressed down hard. Instead, a light touch is all you need with this toy–and that is very uncharacteristic of me to say because I tend to smash vibrators against my genitals as hard as I can for the most intense feeling. Trust me; this one is different.

Because it’s so concentrated, the Zumio X can very easily overwhelm someone with a sensitive clitoris. Even using it around the clitoral hood and labia can be too much for some people. It has a hard plastic tip, which is a very new sensation when you’re used to flexible or squishy heads of a vibrator wand. It’s unforgiving, intensely sharp, and just a little torturous–but that’s why I love it.

To combat the feedback from users who found it too intense, the Zumio S was born. The Zumio S is a toned-down version of the Zumio X, which allows more users to enjoy its design without being too much for some folks who didn’t like the intensity of the Zumio X. I love that this option is now available for people who like less intensity, but I’m still using my Zumio X at the highest setting and loving every minute of it.

I’m a power queen in every sense of the phrase. I’ve never found a toy to be “too intense” for me. If you find yourself being put off by toys for their harsh vibrations or constantly use the lower settings on vibrators, this toy probably isn’t for you. Perhaps the Zumio S would serve you better, but I have yet to try one myself. For the Zumio X, I’m putting a word of caution on this review: BEST SUITED FOR POWER QUEENS.


The Zumio X is made of ABS plastic and certain areas of it are coated in silicone. It is a body-safe toy, but not one I recommend sharing with partners or using anally at all. This toy is best used only on the vulva of an individual user.

The controls are simple, with an on/off button and buttons to increase or decrease intensity. There are eight settings in all with the Zumio X, with the medium setting being the highest setting on the Zumio S, and the S’s settings starting at a lower intensity than the X.

The little charging station is a genius addition. Rechargeable toys are always better received by me when I can set up a little charging station and not have to fumble with the cords ever again. Simply plug in the charging stand, and connect the USB cord to an AC adapter and forget about it. Use the Zumio X and slip it back in the inductive charging stand on a bedside table without a worry. It will be charged up the next time you go to use it. It also comes with a little storage bag if you need to keep it in hiding or want to travel with it.

The fancy inductive charging also means it’s waterproof–which is really important if you’re a squirter, because this toy is a death sentence for all my sheets and towels.

Caution: Splash Zone

I highly suggest that if you buy the Zumio X, you also invest in a few spare sets of sheets, some extra towels, or even a Liberator throw because I’ve never had a toy that made me squirt more in my life. I specifically use the Zumio X in the shower a lot (which is also uncharacteristic of me) solely because it makes cleanup a lot easier for me and my washing machine. Obviously, not everyone can squirt or squirts as a result of intense clitoral stimulation, but this toy is sure to make a mess every time I use it, which is both a pro and con of my using it a lot.


The Zumio X is a “love it” or “hate it” kind of toy. Fortunately for me, it’s a new favorite. I believe the Zumio X is a fantastic product and it’s one I’ve grown to love very quickly for many reasons. It’s a powerhouse of intensity in a compact device that I can recharge very easily and never have to worry about wires or batteries. It’s intense enough to not only get me off in a matter of seconds, but torture me in all the best ways if I keep it on for longer than that without a break. It is the perfect tool for forced orgasm scenes as long as my partner is either willing to wear a poncho or suffer the consequences.

The Zumio X was provided by Zumio in exchange for an honest review.

You can purchase it from SheVibe or Peepshow Toys.

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  1. Have you ever considered trying this sort of toy on someone with a penis? Been trying to find a toy like this, because most of the vibrators i’ve owned have been singularly inadequate in giving me enough stimulation. Kinda curious how this toy could be used by someone so equipped.

    1. I don’t have a penis, but I think generally they do best with broad stimulation? If you think the pinpoint would work for you, I see no reason why you can’t use it–I just haven’t thought to try it on a penis.

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