Sex Tour: EEEHU Online Hypnosis Conference

My Sex Tour series has been on a bit of a hiatus over the past year due to travel costs, but 2020 has presented a host of new problems for it. In the midst of COVID-19, conferences and expos have been canceled, sex education workshops have been canceled, and sex shops have closed down temporarily, leaving me with very few opportunities for Sex Tour. However, some of the organizers of the conference I hoped to attend this year–the New England Erotic Hypnosis UnConference (NEEHU)–decided to host an online version of the conference on the same weekend under the name EEEHU and made it completely free.

I had been dipping my toes into the world of erotic hypnosis for a month or so before the conference, so the timing of this event worked very well for me. While I had played with hypnosis for years, my experiences were sporadic and I had no understanding of how it worked, only that I enjoyed participating. This conference was the perfect opportunity to learn more about the actual process of hypnosis so I could be a more active participant—and even better, my long-distance partner interested in hypnosis would now have access to the classes as well!

We both registered for the conference online and joined a Discord channel specifically for the conference where folks were able to meet and chat with other hypnosis enthusiasts, access class materials, and get live technical support during the conference. We got access to the class schedule in a shared Google doc, which provided password-protected links to Zoom meeting rooms where the workshops would take place. The night before the conference began, we sat down and planned out the classes my partner and I were interested in attending. While I didn’t make it to every single class I wanted to go to, I did get a lot out of the ones I was able to attend.

Consent and Negotiation 101

The first class on Friday night was a consent 101 class, which is pretty standard at events where you’re talking about BDSM. Along with an introduction to the conference itself, the presenter covered concepts like altered states of mind, how to properly negotiate a hypno scene, basic consent practices, safewords, and special considerations to BDSM protocol for hypnosis. This class was very basic in nature, so it wasn’t my favorite of the weekend but I was really happy to see that clear focus on consent from the very beginning of the conference.

Hypnosis and D/s

My experience with hypnosis has always been in a kink context but I wanted to know how to actively work it into my Dominant/submissive (D/s) dynamic with the partner attending the con with me, so I was really excited to attend Sinister’s class on this subject. 

Instead of focusing on hypnosis in the context of a single scene, Sinister covered ways you could integrate hypnosis play in your ongoing dynamic using long-term behavior modification. He covered communication techniques for in and out of a scene and the importance of regular check-ins with your partner, as well as the idea of conditioning and how routine is a really easy and fun opportunity for conditioning your s-type. He discussed how you should reinforce the idea that dropping into trance is an act of submission in a D/s dynamic and how to use the s-type’s desire to please in your favor to get them to drop deeper for you. 

Sinister’s focus on the importance of ongoing consent and using positive reinforcements (and ones that weren’t just sexual in nature) was very comforting and I really appreciated his ability to discuss some pretty intense concepts (such as brainwashing, memory play, and long-term behavior modification) using language that was consent-affirming and focused on the safety and well-being of the subject.

101 Ways to Go into Trance

While this class couldn’t possibly cover 101 ways to go into trance in an hour and a half, it did provide a 101 class-style introduction to maybe 20 difference inductions, which still covers a hell of a lot of ground in a short time. 

I won’t get into specifics for each of the inductions covered in this class, but it was a very educational, jam-packed session. The two presenters took turns switching roles and hypnotizing each other with different inductions to show how each worked and what they liked about each method. My partner and I both learned a lot of groundwork in this class.

Erotic Hypnosis 101

This class was high on my priority list not only because it’s good to have the basics down early on, but it was also taught by Mark Wiseman (known in the community as Wiseguy), who wrote Mind Play, an erotic hypnosis guide I recently read and outlined for my partner before the conference. 

In this class, Wiseguy covers a brief history of hypnosis, the psychology behind hypnosis, and basic terminology. He also discussed a few creative applications for erotic hypnosis, as well as some tips for bringing someone up from a trance, which are all great things to get from an introductory course.

Online Hypnosis Play

As my partner and I are long-distance and play online 100% of the time, this class was an obvious choice for us. The presenters in this class provided some useful programs and tools to assist in online hypnosis, including programs we already used, like Discord. This class also covered things I wouldn’t have thought of, such as tips for using text in a hypnosis scene and how to format your texts for the best possible results.

In addition to practical advice for using online programs and text formatting, the presenters also did a fantastic job in covering basic consent and negotiation for online play in general. A big takeaway from this class was that you should never negotiate up in a hypnosis scene–meaning everything should be outlined and agreed upon before anyone is tranced and anything outside the limits of what was discussed should be noted for a future scene that includes more specific negotiation.

Hypnotic Drug Play

This class was another favorite of mine, and not just because the presenter had one of the dreamiest hypnotist voices I’ve ever heard. Drug play has long-since been a subject of interest for me but there are obvious safety and consent issues to be considered when using real substances. This class covered a lot of ways that one could use hypnotic suggestions to simulate drug effects on a subject. The examples covered in this workshop ranged from fantasy “lust pills” to simulated recreational drug use to things like “hypno Viagra” or numbing agents, including possible props for different types of drugs.

The Art & Science of Becoming a Bimbo

Bimbo class was taught by The Secret Subject and her partner, Alice. We went over the idea of “what makes a bimbo?” and broke down the gendered variations of the kink. The Secret Subject discussed some of the concerns that come with personality play and how to overcome those obstacles. She also did a live demonstration on Alice to turn her into a bimbo for the class to see in action, which was delightful.

They’re In a Trance–What Now? 

The presenter of this class covered some of the basics of getting someone into trance, like making a list of inductions and deepeners, going over how to properly negotiate, how to prime someone with pre-talk, and how to plan and practice your hypnotic sessions. However, the main focus of this class what how to handle a scene once the subject is already in trance, which included discussion on things like body language signals that may mean something is wrong, how to improvise, and how to take someone out of trance. My partner noted that this class covered a lot of things he was concerned about, which was fantastic.

The Mindful Drone

The Mindful Drone was a demonstration of dollification and drone play between the two presenters. The subject for this presentation was a friend of mine and it was really interesting to see her interact with her partner in this context. The demo got into some intense objectification and dehumanization that was really fascinating, but also gave me some intense emotional reactions. However, I very much enjoyed watching this interaction and learning about how the presenters manage their dynamic when it comes to drone-play.

Shame Play

When I found out that Sinister would be teaching another class with Imaginatrix as his subject, I was very excited to attend. Their class was all about shame play and using embarrassment and hypnosis to create some wonderfully mean situations. Sinister tranced Trix several times over the course of the class and went through various stages of shame play. 

First he did some light embarrassment play using things Trix was not normally embarrassed by. The class watched as she became very shy and reserved from her bubbly self. Watching her blush and squirm was a lot of fun, but it all dissipated as soon as Sinister brought her up from trance. He then kicked things up a notch and went into more shameful degradation type play, all while pointing out the physical changes in Trix and how he uses her reactions to amplify those feelings.

The chemistry between the presenters was incredible. You could tell they have put a lot of work into their dynamic and even after the scene was over, they both discussed how they would privately meet after class to perform aftercare and discuss the scene in depth, which was nice to see openly discussed after the demonstration.

Brainwashing For Fun & Fantasy

Taught by the same presenter as the hypnotic drug class I attended, this was another great workshop. We kicked things off by discussing the idea of “brainwashing” and how it’s a very intense topic for a lot of people since brainwashing can have lasting psychological effects. The presenter discussed things like using the drug play concepts he previously went over, drone or dollification play, and post-hypnotic triggers as a means to play with brainwashing or conditioning effects. He also went over several concepts for brainwashing a subject and how to safely enforce personality adjustments within a scene.


I know an online con isn’t the same as an in-person one, but I’m glad to have had the opportunity to immerse myself in a new kink community. I learned a lot and got to talk to a bunch of new folks I wouldn’t have otherwise had the chance to meet and for that I am incredibly grateful. 

The fact the EEEHU was held online and free of charge allowed my partner and I to attend a conference we wouldn’t have had equal access to otherwise. What we learned over the weekend gave us the language we needed to communicate effectively about hypnosis and we both felt so much more comfortable diving deeper into this kink after getting some basic instruction. 

I noticed a clear difference in my partner’s hypnosis technique after this weekend. I think a lot of that came from new-found confidence he had in his technique after going over so many of the safety concerns he had before the conference started. I’m so glad he got as much out of the weekend as he did because it’s made a big difference in our play styles.

It was such an interesting and engaging weekend and I’m so grateful for the folks who helped organize this fantastic conference. I’m definitely planning on attending the next NEEHU conference in person!

xx SF

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