SF’s 2017 Toy Picks

I think we can all agree that 2017 was wild. Not a hyped-up-excited kind of wild. More like a giant shitshow across the board. 2017 didn’t go so well for a lot of us. However, determined to find the good in 2017, I’ve given some thought to the new products I’ve acquired and loved. Find out what made my A-list in 2017 and what I’m looking out for in 2018.

SF’s Top Five

Womanizer Plus (Review Here)

I own a few Satisfyer products and have always wondered about Womanizer since they seem to have similar, yet otherwise unique products. These toys have a suckling feel to them instead of the traditional vibration patterns. They’re waterproof, quite strong, and feel great if you’re craving the sensation of oral sex. The Plus is the only one I own so far, but it impressed me a lot. While its size is no joke (they don’t call it plus for nothing!) it delivers a lot of power. Is it worth the added cost, though? I’ll need more time with it to be sure. However, it makes my list this year judged purely on functionality.

Captain (Review Here)

Captain is a really simple toy but it definitely makes it on my top five list. It’s dual-density, realistic, and really versatile. I use it solo and it’s actually become a go-to for my boyfriend’s harness during sex. I have always loved dual-density silicone, but the price on some Tantus products are too high for some people. Captain is a little cheaper for the same quality. It’s an amazing classic dildo for people not looking for a ton of frills.

Custom NK Paddle (Review Here)

I’ve loved Nefarious Kinks’ products for a while now but when I received my custom-ordered paddle from him this summer, I lost my shit. I’d never designed a custom toy before and it was everything I dreamed of. I was able to specify every single detail of the paddle and his customer service is simply excellent. While there may be a waitlist for his custom work now, it’s absolutely worth it. The paddle is great quality and I could not be happier working with such a lovely small business.

Agreeable Agony Leather Jack (Review Here)

Agreeable Agony is another small business that I’ve grown to love this year. I connected with their social media manager and was able to review a Petal Slapper and some wax from them. A few months later, I visited their workshop in Massachusetts and purchased a Leather Jack for myself because I fell in love with the toy’s design and feel. I got one with a rubber core and I absolutely adore it! It’s a fantastic thuddy toy that almost feels like getting punched. You know, in a hot way.

B-Vibe Rimming Petite (Review Here)

B-Vibe is a company I discovered at the Brooklyn Sex Expo in September. They had a number of toys on display including the Rimming Plug 2. I picked it up and listened while an employee told me about its features. They pressed a button on the remote and the neck of the plug started rotating in my hand. Rotating beads. This plug has rotating beads in the fucking neck. Now, I’ve never been one to push rimming in the bedroom, but I needed this plug. However, the size was a bit much for me, so I passed on it for the time being. Then something wonderful happened.

I was in touch with the CEO of B-Vibe, Alicia Sinclair. To my delight, she told me about the Rimming Petite—a smaller version of the plug I fell in love with. I had to have it. I’ve only used it a handful of times so far, but they’ve possibly been the most intense solo orgasms of my life. I cannot wait to do a full review of this toy when I’ve had more experience using it. Due to the revolutionary design, though, it has earned a place on my top five list for 2017.

My Partners’ Top Choices

My boyfriend is a simple man whose sole-owned sex toy of 2016 was a watch battery-powered bullet from his early college days. That being said, dating me has been quite a ride over the last year. He’s been exposed to a lot of new toys and while he has a few favorites from my personal collection (the Doxy, a #1 choice for both of us, but something I’ve had before 2017), he’s bought some new toys for himself. His favorite of these is definitely the Marvelous Bunny (review here). I’ve used it a bunch, myself, and I agree–it’s a great toy for the price we paid.

My partner, Salem, immediately chose their top two toys from the kink category. What can we say, they love pain! While I’ve owned my Tantus Pelt Paddle (review here) for several years now, Salem got their own in 2017 and is claiming it one of their top choices for the year.

Salem’s other choice for their top 2017 additions is none other than the Tazapper (collaborative review here)! While Salem loved this toy, I did not. Using it on Salem is a blast and I definitely see the appeal (because it is well made) but I’m honestly scared of it. It’s loud, sparks, and isn’t all that painful, but the noise is startling as hell. I’m really glad Salem enjoys it, though, because using it on them is so much fun!

2018 Wishlist

There’s a handful of toys I’ve had my eye on this year that I didn’t get to purchase due to low funds, but they’re definitely toys I’m considering for the new year. Some of these are new brands I haven’t even gotten to try, but others are from brands I know and love.

    • Fun Factory’s Stronic G Pulsator: I don’t usually go for internal vibrators, honestly. I’m a dildo/wand combination kind of gal. But this toy makes me want to change. I’ve held this toy in several stores and I just have such a need. It thrusts in my hand like nothing I’ve felt before. Just looking at this toy makes me shudder with delight.

  • Magic Wand Rechargeable: I’ve had two of the Original Hitachi wands and I own three Doxy wands. I have a clear preference for the Doxy. But I’ve tested the rechargeable wand in my hands and it’s absolutely stronger than the original. It has a better design. But is it stronger than my Doxy? My partners both think it is. I’m skeptical, but I’m curious enough to buy one and find out.
  • NJoy Pure Wand: I feel like everyone I know who reviews toys has rated this highly. I haven’t really focused on g-spot toys but 2018 might be the year I try to convert. With the also highly-rated Stronic G Pulsator also on my list, I might just find a g-spot toy I love.
  • New York Toy Collective (Carter): I’m not set on Carter, but I really want to try a toy from this company. I’ve seen and felt them in stores and they’re really unique. They specialize in packing-to-play toys, meaning they can be worn as packers and used for penetration. Since my boyfriend is transgender, this is something he might really enjoy. The toys bend and stay in position for play but are still soft and flexible without feeling “floppy.”
  • Eroscillator 2 Pro: Another toy I’ve been thinking about all year due to high reviews. It’s another unique style clitoral vibe. This one oscillates instead of vibrates, which brings a whole new sensation to the table. I hear nothing but good things, but part of me wants to hold out and see if they release a new product before I invest in this classic. Who can pass up a toy endorsed by Dr. Ruth Westheimer, though?

Let me know if you’ve tried any of my favorites or if you think I’m missing something great from this list. I’m always open to suggestions and love hearing about your experiences with toys I recommend. I hope you all have a safe and happy new year!

xx SF

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