Measuring Up in Bed

Dick size is a sensitive issue for lots of men, but is bigger always better? Explore the body image issues cis men face with the size myth and learn how to improve your game in bed without relying on your penis.

Green Flags in Relationships

We all know about red flags to look out for but what are some signs that things are going well? Read up on green flags to know how to pinpoint progressive traits in a relationship and learn how to make your connection even stronger.

Having Sex in Shared Spaces

For the majority of us, kink and sex aren’t silent or invisible activities. For those who live in an apartment building or dormitory, this can become a major concern. Here are some tips for people in shared spaces to help maintain a comfortable living environment for those around them.

Men’s Involvement in Feminism

Should men be identifying as feminists? How would a man go about supporting feminism without speaking over women in the process? Any men interested in learning how to be a good ally should take a look at these ways to support women.

Red Flags in BDSM

In order to maintain a healthy relationship, especially within the BDSM community, we need to be aware of signs of unhealthy behaviour. Of course, these red flags can appear in any kind of relationship–but it’s extra important when you’re in a relationship with a power-dynamic or a heightened risk of injury.