Sex Toy Material Guide

Sex toys can bring amazing pleasure, but they can also harbor bacteria and bring infections if you’re not careful. One of the most important factors in sex toy safety is the material your toys are made of. Don’t sweat, though! There are really simple guidelines to follow for most cases.

Sexual Safety Kit

I always want to promote that sex and BDSM be practiced as safely as possible to avoid unnecessary risks and minimize unwanted pain. To make aftercare and sex safety more accessible for everyone, I suggest everyone invest in a “sex safety kit”.


Safewords are an important aspect of kink because they help establish consent and signal when someone needs to stop a scene. Read about how to properly use verbal safewords and other forms of consent signaling.


Aftercare is a really important aspect to BDSM that most people consider a requirement after scenes. Read about what aftercare is and how to use it efficiently.