The Problem with Princess Plugs

When folks first start exploring anal play, the first step that many people take is to invest in an anal plug. Anal plugs are great for solo exploration and can also be used with a partner, both in and out of the bedroom. Plugs are versatile toys that come in all kinds of materials, shapes, styles, and sizes. Some are very basic, while others vibrate, rotate, or come with attached tails for pet play. There are vast options for an anal plug if this is something you or your partner would like to explore. However, one of the most popular types of anal toys, called “princess plugs,” have proven to be unsafe time and time again.

What are Princess Plugs?

You might not know a princess plug by that name, but you’ve probably seen one before. Princess plugs are a style involving a metal plug with a very thin neck and a jeweled base. They come in various sizes, colors, and qualities and can sometimes be made of silicone or glass but are typically very small, steel, and poorly made.

The Safety Concern

You might be thinking, “What’s the problem with a steel plug?” The issue, in fact, isn’t about the material of the toy itself. Metal is typically one of the safest sex toy materials along with silicone and glass. The issue with this style of toy is with the base.

For an anal toy to be considered safe, the base of the toy has to be wider than the widest point of the internal plug. The wide base ensures that the anal plug isn’t accidentally lodged in the rectum. Unlike the vaginal cavity, which has a cervix that keeps toys from getting “lost” inside, the anus has no barrier from toys going up inside your body. As a result, toys that get pushed too far in the rectum can pose a serious problem, sometimes requiring a visit to the Emergency Room to remove the toy. Princess plugs are notorious for having bases that are too small to be considered safe.

Many of the jeweled bases of these kinds of plugs are only as wide as the widest point of the plug instead of being wider. This means they can easily slip in with any kind of pressure or even just the natural contractions of muscles during wear or using the plug during sex.

Often, the edges of these plugs are also quite sharp. The expensive, high-quality models don’t have this particular issue (but may still be unsafe due to the base) but a large percentage of folks buying princess plugs are buying them from unsafe vendors on Amazon who make cheap versions. Having a steel plug with rough, sharp edges resting on your butt cheeks during use is about as comfortable as it sounds.

Safe Alternatives

I try to steer folks away from princess plugs in general, especially for their first anal toy. Instead, I recommend a small silicone plug because they tend to be the most comfortable for beginners or for long-term wear. In addition, I recommend other steel or glass plugs for those who like the feel of these heavier, harder materials, but want a safe alternative to the princess plugs.

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