Things I’ve Missed Most in Quarantine

I don’t know about everyone else, but my high-risk self is still on lockdown until this pandemic is declared over. I only allow myself one quick trip out for errands each week, so I haven’t seen much of the outside world since March and it’s definitely getting to me. I find myself thinking about my post-quarantine plans a lot, even if no one is really sure when those things will be safe. These are the things I’ve missed the most since COVID, and the things I’m most looking forward to doing after the pandemic is over.


First and foremost, I miss having a regular dating life–complete with actual sex. Whether you usually meet folks on dating apps or hookup sites like Uberhorny, I know a lot of us are missing that in-person connection with others. Personally, I’m disappointed that my sex spreadsheet is so bare this year, despite having a lot of fun with mental kinks online in the mean time. Even though there are still sexy things you can do in quarantine, being on lockdown without a live-in partner has been hard for me. When things are safe again, I have a lot to make up for.

Going out to restaurants and bars 

I haven’t been to a restaurant in six or seven months, and I never thought I’d miss dining out so much. Although I’ve gotten a lot of delivery during lockdown, it’s not exactly the same. I miss putting on my first date dress and going out to eat with someone new. I miss drink specials and live music and wearing remote-controlled toys out to dinner. I never thought I’d be pining to go out to eat so badly when my pre-COVID self would have almost always chosen delivery over dining out.


In addition to dinner dates, I’ve missed going to munches in a group of friends. I’ve met a lot of other kinksters online in the last six months of quarantine, but getting to meet local kinky folks and having those real-life discussions over food or drinks is something I desperately want to be a part of again. Munches are just one part of that BDSM subculture I’ve missed being a part of since COVID started and I can’t wait to find local groups once public dining is safe again.

Play parties 

Another part of that BDSM subculture I’ve been missing out on is the actual play aspect of kink! While I’m still doing scenes remotely with my partners, it’s not the same as packing a play bag and heading out to the local dungeon to play. I even have kink toys to test for the first time so I’m really itching to get back out there and try them out.


I know a lot of folks have been missing out on going to conferences, expos, and conventions during this mess and I am no exception. While I definitely wish I was able to attend another in-person Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit or Exxxotica, the cost of these events put a lot of stress on me. It was almost a bit of a relief to get a year off from them in the hopes that I can try to save up for the next in-person event.

However, I was able to attend two different online hypnosis conferences, as well as a few independent workshops and classes online due to COVID. The inability to meet in person has motivated a lot of organizations to host online conferences at a reduced rate. Once you factor in the amount you save on travel and hotel, it’s actually really beneficial to a lot of folks who wouldn’t normally be able to attend. I, for one, am grateful that I was able to attend an important conference with my long-distance partner from the comfort of our own homes. Under normal circumstances, we would not have been able to do that, so I’m very grateful for that opportunity.


Conferences aside, I miss traveling! I don’t get to go on vacations or anything very often but I’m a big fan of little road trips and sight-seeing in my own part of the country. I used to go on day trips to different sex shops and sexuality-focused events for the article series on my blog known as Sex Tour. Even though these weren’t big events, it was still an exciting time for me to get to explore sex-positive spaces and share what I experienced. I am very eager to start that up again once it’s safe to do so.

I don’t think anyone could have foreseen the current situation in 2020 before it happened, but I wonder what we would have done to prepare for this reality. As chaotic as things are right now, I’m hoping this tragedy will bring some positive changes to our world. Take all the remote access options we’ve created in the wake of this pandemic, for example. No matter what kinds of things are on your to-do list once this is all over, I’m hoping that we all learn to appreciate the little things more, going forward. 

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