Wax Play

  • Model: Lupinum
    Photographer: Illyana Rasputing

    Before beginning wax play, be sure all parties agree on a safeword.

  • Most candles burn from 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping the candle at a distance from the receiver’s body will help cool the wax before it touches them.
  • Harder, more expensive, colored, and scented candles burn at higher temperatures. Avoid these candles for beginners and those who are not masochists.
  • Low temperature candles are available specifically for wax play.
  • Be mindful of any allergies. Soy is a common ingredient in candles, and soy is an allergen to some people. Also, the scents and colors in some candles can irritate some people. For best results when dealing with allergies, use a white, unscented Paraffin candle.

Read up on burn safety before playing.

Photographer: Illyana Rasputing
Model: Lupinum
Photographer: Illyana Rasputing


  • Mineral oil/baby oil: This makes clean-up a lot easier if you rub it on the receiver before dripping wax onto them.
  • Cool, damp washcloth: If the wax burns too much, a cool cloth can sooth the burn quickly and calm the bottom party.
  • Fire extinguisher/water: With any fire play, it’s really best to have a way to put out any accidental fires. While unlikely, it doesn’t hurt to be safe.
  • Hard surface: A lot of people do wax play on their beds, but be sure to have a table or hard, flat surface nearby to put the candle down in the case where the bottom party needs emergency assistance.
  • Cheap sheet or tarp: Depending on the level of play, it might be a good idea to put something down under the receiver before dripping wax all over your nice sheets or carpet, etc.
  • Knife: Using a knife or other blade makes scraping off the wax much easier. If your partner is into it, a little knife play can spice up the scene as well.

I hope this helps anyone looking into wax play. Stay safe and have fun!

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  1. I must admit, that we was a bit scared to add the wax play to our weekly BDSM session but now I feel quite encureged and I want to try it as soon as possible 🙂

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