About the Author

SubmissiveFeminist started off as a personal blog back in March of 2011. Since then, it has grown to be a place to connect with the online community, share my experiences and knowledge in kink and sexuality, and teach the importance of self expression.

I currently hold my B.A. of Psychology, with a focus on Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from Central Connecticut State University.

During my undergraduate studies, I conducted a study on sexual satisfaction and gender identity. I also created an independent study course on kink and feminism. During this time, I researched the positive attributes of BDSM on women’s empowerment, both on a personal level and the community as a whole.

Above all else, I support the risk-aware, consensual choices of the individual. I believe everyone has the right to pursue a sexual lifestyle where they have full autonomy over their bodies to seek pleasure how they see fit so long as consent and safety are maintained.

I have been writing about kink and reviewing sex toys for over eight years. Sharing my knowledge is the most valuable aspect of running this website. It is a professional aspiration of mine to give workshops and lectures on sexual identity, BDSM instruction, alternative sexual lifestyles, and adult sex education.