Episode 36: The Final Baiii

In this final episode, Jen and SF answer questions sent in from our listeners, discuss what we’ve experienced by doing this podcast, and say goodbye. Thank you all so much for listening! We never did manage to get intro music, did we?

Episode 35: Stuff Me Like a Turkey

During this Thanksgiving episode, Jen and SF discuss their appreciation for stuffing–both on the dinner table and in the bedroom. They discuss double and triple penetration, large toy insertions, birthing kinks, and what it’s like to experience “accidental fisting.”

Episode 34: Gender-Wonky

This week, SF and Jen discuss the fluidity of gender and their experiences questioning gender. Because gender is a huge topic that cannot be properly covered in a single episode, this episode focuses on some non-binary identities and general “gender-wonkiness.”

Episode 32: Murder Kinks & Other Goth Shit

Happy Halloween from Platonic Pillow Talk! This week, Jen and SF discuss all the gothic themes in kink and sex–including some kinky historical gossip they didn’t teach you in school. From horror movies that make us wet to anonymous masked sexual encounters, this episode is full of spooky sex talk. We’re not the only ones with a murder kink, right?

Episode 30: Sex Nightmares

SF and Jen discuss sex dreams and Jen’s strange concept of “sex nightmares.” Even in the most nightmarish of situations, she still manages to have sleep orgasms, which is a new concept for SF to grasp. Do any of you experience sex nightmares and/or sleep orgasms? Let us know!

Episode 29: National “Cumming” Out Day

SF and Jen share their coming out stories in honor of National Coming Out Day (October 11th) and discuss what the experience is like. Coming out isn’t always a one-step process and that’s okay. Whether you’re already out, coming out on this special occasion, or still figuring things out, PPT is here to show their love and support for the LGBT community.

Episode 28: On Wednesdays We Talk Relational Aggression

October 3rd is Mean Girls Day! Get ready for a ton of Mean Girls references as Jen and SF discuss the concept of relational aggression in young girls. How can we shift the narrative from catty rumor-spreading and passive aggressive behavior to actually talk about the issues that girls face with one another?

Episode 27: Getting Cocky About Dick Size

This week, SF and Jen discuss the topic of dick size and the obsession with big dicks. What influence does the media have on our opinions about penis size? Does bigger always means better? How can you learn to be a better partner without relying on your dick?

Episode 26: Gluten-Free Aphrodisiacs

This week, Jen and SF discuss some of the historical uses of different foods to increase libido. Does powdered rhino horn really make a difference for erectile dysfunction? Do oysters really make you horny? Learn about the evidence behind these mythical “love potions” and decide for yourself if any are worth trying.

Episode 23: Virginity, My Tender Flower

This week SF and Jen debunk the purity myth and discuss the roles that religion and virginity play in determining our moral value. They share their personal virginity stories and talk about how definitions of sex vary from person to person. How do you define virginity?

Episode 20: Kink-Shaming is My Kink

This week, SF and Jen discuss the topic of kink shame. How do you cope with being ashamed of all your filthy kinks? SF delves into the psychology of fetishisms and discusses what sex therapy is really like. TW: Mention of incest role-play.

Episode 18: The Limit Does Not Exist

This week, SF tells Jen about her evolving kinks and limits with a new partner. They discuss the difference between hard and soft limits, how limits can change over time, and their personal experiences with being aroused by things that disgust them.